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February 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

We might all be getting red-hot and bothered in February, when Venus slides into fiery Aries on the 3rd. This is not the most patient placement for Venus, but it’s certainly not boring. Venus in Aries is passion quadrupled with a side of impulse. Which means: romance is going to be tempestuous and exciting. Think: Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. If you’re not a fan of romantic drama, do your best to keep it cool this month.

Jupiter is also turning retrograde on the 6th in relationship-oriented Libra. The months that follow are best served reflecting on what’s working – or not – in your relationships. Are you giving as much as you’re getting – and vice versa?  Can you meet people half way or are you solely focused on your point of view? Partnerships of every kind have lessons to explore. Libra is also concerned with justice, rights, and fairness – pay close attention to politics now because these may be central concerns and there may be some shakeups happening behind the scenes.

On the 7th, Mercury enters Aquarius, which favors bold originality, unconventional ideas, and truth. Remember, Mercury is exalted here – which means it’s happy as can be. The communicative energy of Mercury can now be expressed to it’s full genius mode. Interesting insights can happen over the next few weeks – and this time is especially good for anything concerning brotherhood and humanitarianism. Movements may be gaining steam and groups concerned with making a difference could be making some noise!

A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th in Leo might just feel like a power surge! Tempers could be potentially explosive this day and no doubt there may be some volatile energy present – especially in politics. Something may very well come to a head. On a personal note, be aware of your own ego today. Try not to take things too personally and do your best to tap into Leo’s sunny side as much as you can.

The Sun moves into sensitive Pisces on the 18th, which lends a dreamy, intuitive vibe to all of this other intense astro-stuff. This is a good time to put others first and to ask: “what might I do that could bring healing to all sentient beings?” Look at where you might need to make a sacrifice for the collective whole. Remember, we are all one – and the Pisces Sun is the right time to be more compassionate, even if it seems hard to do so.

On the 25th, Mercury will also move into Pisces, which means it may be easer to talk about spirituality and consciousness-raising. The weeks that follow are especially favorable for musicians and artists, who might be able to express how we’re all feeling. This Mercury makes us a bit more emotional – and creatives might be able to express this energy best.

The next day, we get a Solar Eclipse also in Pisces. This is important too so take note. A Solar Eclipse in Pisces is perfect for introspection and soul-work. The energy of this day alternates between deep, dreamwork and sloppy boundaries. Be on guard for depression, addiction, and carelessness. Instead: put energy into doing deep healing work – on yourself…or the planet. Keep in mind that Mars will also land directly on Uranus – this could bring some power issues to a head or there may be an event that disrupts the status quo.

Transiting Mars will directly oppose Jupiter on the 27th – another volatile day where we may see issues of aggression, justice, power, greed, and oppression coming to a full boil. This is a day where something could spiral out of control. We’ll all need to keep ourselves in check – and keep a wary eye to what’s happening in the world.

As the month comes to an end, we’re feeling a bit spent from all of this combustible energy. Some things may begin to calm down but this feels like a calm before a bigger storm.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  On the 3rd, Venus enters Aries, where it will stay all the way until June 6th. Dear Aries, this is a sign that you are ready for some lovely changes. If you are thinking about  revamping your image, this is the time to do so. A new do, wardrobe, regimen, or any sort of self-improvement is favored now. Update your appearance and then get out there and show the new you to the world!  It’s easy to do in March because the Sun is hanging out in your 11th house of social life, making February ideal for parties and events. These invitations will keep you hopping all month long, no matter how cold it may be outside. You’ll have the energy for all this hobnobbing because your ruling planet, Mars, is also in your sign. Like an Ever-ready bunny, you’ll be going strong from dusk to dawn. This could have an important impact on your love life when a Lunar Eclipse in your house of romance on the 10th clears the way for you to find love. If you’re single, you’ll certainly want to mingle. Already partnered? Obstacles to relationships could be finally moving out, paving the way for true intimacy. On the 18th, you may feel like pulling back from the parties and galas for some private time. With the Sun and Neptune in your 12th house, this signals a need for solitude in order to keep the balance. Communicative Mercury will join the 12th on the 25th, which is ideal for working behind the scenes – on a top secret project or on yourself. A retreat in the weeks that follow might do your soul good. Pay special attention to the 26th when a Solar Eclipse lands directly in this house. A major secret could be revealed – one that could change your life in a profound way.


taurus astrology

Taurus: February could be a stunning month for your career, dear Taurus. With the Sun lighting up your 10th house, this is your time to shine! You may nab that coveted position you’ve been aiming for – or you might finally get the recognition you so richly deserve. Mercury will join forces on the 7th, which will give you the ability to command an audience like never before. Your words will have power – use them with great care and you could find yourself with a whole new audience of fans. Your love life may be on the back burner when Venus joins Mars and Uranus – and moves into your 12th house of solitude. You may be too busy working on top secret negotiations to put much effort in…or you might be engaged in some clandestine romantic action. If you are involved in a secret fling, you’ll probably get away with it. But you’ll need to be cautious when the Lunar Moon Eclipse lands directly in your domestic sector. This could reveal your shenanigans in the most unflattering way. You might want to think twice about taking risks around that time. The Sun will move into your 11th house of social life on the 18th, which means you may be heading out and about with your friends. Drinks after work, long dinners at the newest sushi joint, or shaking your groove thang at the local disco – it’s all good. The 25th could be the start of an especially busy social calendar when Mercury flits into the 11th. Invites galore will come pouring in – this will certainly brighten up the remaining winter days! A glorious Solar Eclipse on the 26th will get you ultra-clear on a particular friendship. Is this person a friend or foe? Or a friend with benefits? Gather information but don’t make any major decisions just yet. Let things simmer for a few days before taking action.


gemini astrology

Gemini: Thinking of taking a winter break somewhere warm? February might be the right time for you to slip away, dear Gemini. With the Sun hovering in your 9th house of travel until the 18th, you may be able to find more than one opportunity to get out of Dodge. Even better – your 11th house of friends is extra-active with both Venus  and Mars sitting here for most of the month. This could be the right time to grab your jet setting buddies for a wild weekend or two. One thing’s for sure: you’re going to be where the fun – and action is!  Your ruling planet, Mercury, adds a bit of wanderlust when it heads into your 9th house on the 7th. This amps up your restlessness, making it mighty hard to stay home. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th in your house of short journeys may illuminate an opportunity for a quick jaunt. All in all, you’re pretty much on the go from the moment February kicks off. On the 18th, the focus moves to your career when the Sun heads into your 10th house. This bodes well for promotion or recognition of some sort. The weeks ahead could find you grabbing that spotlight and rocking the mic! Pay close attention to the weekend of the 25th. Mercury will join the Sun on the 25th and a fabulous Solar Eclipse will land directly in the career sector as well, paving the way for a few stunning weeks of recognition and opportunity. A major door is ready to open – walk through that with confidence. Your ambitions are about to pay off like never before!


cancer astrology

Cancer:  Things are heating up for February, dear Cancer. Just in time for Valentines! With the Sun in your 8th house, you may be ready to indulge in steamy moments with your partner. It may still be gloomy outside, but hey, who cares when you can bring the fire inside the bedroom? This Sun could also bring good money news, especially if you’ve been waiting on a loan. You may finally get the green light on that! At work, you’re the company darling and a shark all wrapped up into one. With Venus and Mars in your career sector, you can kill it while still being as sweet as can be. That might pay off when the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th brings a possible raise or bonus.  This will surely brighten your mood!  Plan a trip after the 18th, when the Sun heads into your 9th house of travel. Put somewhere exotic on your schedule and then indulge in a little r ‘n r.  You’ve earned it!  The weekend of the 25th is especially good for a vacation. Mercury will head into your 9th house, making it easy to put together any last minute plans – and a Solar Eclipse might help you to find a travel deal that you just can’t pass up. This could be the dream getaway that you’ve always wanted. Don’t hesitate – go!


leo astrology

Leo: February will have some ups and downs but don’t worry, Leo, you’ll get through this month just fine. With your ruler, the Sun, in your 7th house of relationships, it may be time to check in with the people that matter, especially if you’ve been having issues or feeling neglected. State your needs but also practice active listening. Good communication will make all the difference. That will be easier to practice when Mercury moves into your relationship sector on the 7th. This could signal a time where you can discuss all the important matters, or, at the very least, begin opening up a dialogue for sensitive subjects. This is also a good time to look for love if you’re on the market. Get yourself out there and be seen! You may just connect with someone interesting!  A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 10th might bring a major change in your life. This could be an important event that shakes up your world – or just a big mindset shift that helps you to attract more of what you want. Whatever the case may be, circle that date on your calendar and pay attention to the energy in the days that follow. The 18th brings fireworks into the bedroom when the Sun slides into your 8th house. Getting lucky has never been so much fun! The next few weeks could bring more opportunities to keep that romantic mojo buzzing so do make your moves…as often as possible!  The weekend of the 25th finds Mercury and a Solar  Eclipse landing directly in your 8th house. This could bring some sweet pillow talk or important news about your finances. Keep an eye on your money and be ready to make a financial decision. If you’re going out of town on the 27th, watch the skies – there is an aspect between Jupiter and Mars that could bring unexpected drama. Keep your cool and trust that you’ll get there, even if plans are delayed. While this month has some bumps, you’ll find that you learn a lot about yourself and emerge stronger and hotter than ever!


virgo astrology

Virgo: The emphasis is on work this month, dear Virgo. You’re going to have a lot to manage but with the Sun in your 6th house, you’ve got it under control. Work is often a god to Virgos so you may not actually mind the hustle too much. In fact, you’ll find efficient ways to plough through that workload, which means you stand to be prolific in February. Keep in mind that your ruling planet, Mercury, will be joining the fray on the 7th, which will give you the ability to communicate complex issues with total authority. This transit will last until the 25th so use these few weeks to write or to open up dialogues with coworkers and superiors. Express yourself with confidence – people are listening! There’s also plenty of action in your 8th house of erotica – with Venus, Mars and Uranus hanging out here all month long, you’ll be getting lots of opportunities to blow of steam in the bedroom. Work hard and play hard? Yep. On the 10th, a Lunar Eclipse in your rest sector may give you a nudge to relax a bit from this grind. Do take that day to chill out if you can. A day to do nothing will help you to keep the balance. The Sun will head into your 7th house of partnerships on the 18th, which means relationships have a chance to deepen. At work, you could find powerful allies who may help you to step up your game like never before. Romantic-wise, the Sun here could bring a stronger connection. Commitment? Perhaps. At the very least, a lot more intensity! The weekend of the 25th brings even more goodness on the relationship front. Mercury will head into your relationship sector on the 25th, which is ideal for communicating with your partner. You can easily state what you feel or talk through any rough spots. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th is excellent for taking your relationship to the next level. If you’ve been wanting to pop the question, this is your sign to go for it!  Say yes to love!


libra astrology

Libra: Romance is on the rise, dear Libra. The Sun is casting a lovely glow in your romance sector and Venus will be mingling with Mars in your 7th house of relationships. This is an ideal month for getting your groove on! For Libras in relationships, this is the right time to go full-tilt romantic! With Valentines Day coming up, this is your cue to make dinner reservations, get the flowers, write those sonnets, and indulge your loved one like never before!  Single? Don’t sit at home like a wallflower – update that online profile, hit the clubs, or take that friend up on that blind date. In other words: put your effort here and you might be surprised at the results. A gorgeous Lunar Eclipse in your social sector on the 10th is especially good for getting out on the town for a dinner date or to find a mate. On the 18th, the Sun heads into your 6th house of work, which may put your focus squarely on an issue that needs to be resolved. You’ll be stepping into a leadership role – and, if you handle this correctly, it could up your status as a total boss. This is a strong few weeks where you will certainly want to take center stage. Don’t hang back – grab the reins and steer things to your benefit. Pay attention to the weekend of the 25th. Mercury will head into your 6th house, giving you the ability to negotiate for the win. This placement is ideal for any sort of work communication – you can ace those deals or cut through any b.s. with clarity and confidence. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th might bring a surprising opportunity that could advance your career in exciting new directions. But do keep two things in mind going forth here: Jupiter is retrograde in your sign all month long, which means you want to be mindful of where or how you’re expanding. How big do you want to go? Are you ready for the next level? Do ponder this with care because stunning success is possible this year – you just need to make sure you’re ready for it. Also, with Mars opposing Jupiter on the 27th, you’ll want to avoid making an impulsive decisions on that day. Take a deep breath and wait a few days before making your move.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: You’re going to be putting plenty of energy into your home life and your work this month, dear Scorpio. In fact, you could be quite industrious on both fronts, making necessary changes and getting your world in divine order. The Sun is hanging out in your 4th house of home, which is perfect for getting your household organized from top to bottom. It’s also a great placement for dealing with family issues. If there are any problems with a loved one, now is the time to nip it in the bud. Solutions are at hand but it’s up to you to take initiative. At work, you’ll be diving into some turbulent waters but you have the chutzpah and the energy to swim through this and find a safe shore. That’s because your ruler, Mars, is giving you the drive to succeed no matter what you’re facing – and lovely Venus is helping you to win people over to your side with your charm. In other words, you’ll be unstoppable! Even if things feel a tad unpredictable, your instincts and drive will help you to navigate. The 10th brings a Lunar Eclipse right in your career sector, which could clear the obstacles once and for all – and help you land a sweet promotion or major recognition! This will be a victory for sure and one that is well-earned. The Sun will move into your romance sector on the 18th, which may find you in the mood for some lovin’. If you’re in a relationship, communicate your needs. Don’t be bashful! For single Scorps, this could also mark a few weeks where some better options begin to show up. If you’ve been feeling let down by the recent crop of suitors, this might get you inspired to get back out in the dating pool again. The weekend of the 25th might be an especially good time for love – Mercury will give you the gift of gab starting on the 25th. Your game is likely to be tight then so play on, playa. An Solar Eclipse on the 26th could pave the way for a hot new romance or a chance to get a fresh start in a relationship gone stale. Take advantage of that good mojo and work your magics, yo.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: Last month may have found you with a bit of the winter blahs, dear Sagittarius. But your outlook is beginning to improve, thanks to the Sun hanging around in your 3rd house. Your ability to see the sunny side of things is back – and that good ole  optimism you’re known for is easier to come by. But do know that your ruling planet, Jupiter, is retrograde on the 6th, right in your 11th house of friendships. What does this mean? It means you’ll be ready to party and play but you’ll need to choose where you go and your associations with care. What to avoid: big scenes that overwhelm you or fickle friends who drain your energy. Instead, seek out intimate gatherings with soulful companions. It will keep your energy and mood in good working order. February also finds Venus and Mars in your romance sector, which means some lovin’ will do you good and keep those winter blues away. You’ll have ample opportunities to indulge in a little amour so do take advantage of that and keep some nights on your social calendar open for snuggling. This month is also good for travel, your favorite thing in the world!  Take short jaunts when you can and aim for a longer one on the 10th when the Lunar Eclipse opens the door for a memorable journey to somewhere exotic!  On the 18th, your attention turns to the home front when the Sun slides into your 4th house. A domestic matter may need handling and only you can get it under control. This could be something with your nest or with a loved one. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and go into fixer mode. On the 25th, Mercury will join forces with the Sun, making it easier to wrangle those home issues. And a Solar Eclipse on the 26th might clear the way for a renovation project or buying a new home if you’re in the market. As the month comes to a close, you may be ready to get your Martha Stewart on proper. Your nest has never looked so good!


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: Your money is on your mind this month, dear Capricorn. Some might argue that Capricorn is always concerned with their bottom line but this month seems to be a bit amplified. With the Sun lingering in your 2nd house, it’s time to up your financial game. Whether that means asking for a raise or updating your books, the more pro-active you are, the better. Mercury will enter the 2nd house on the 7th, which may help you find the courage to ask for what you want – or to strategize to your advantage. The 10th could be a critical date when a Lunar Eclipse sheds light on a financial situation that needs your immediate attention. This could be attached to a loan you are seeking or money owed. Whatever the case may be, if you are alert, you can turn this into a win. The stage is set for more romance at home all month long. That’s because Mars and Venus are adding a bit of sweetness to your domestic life. This could be a good month for quiet nights at home with your honey – or for redecorating your nest to make it more suitable for lovin’. One thing’s for sure – Valentines Day could be cozy indeed!  On the 18th, the Sun heads into your 3rd house, which could lead to some exciting quick trips. If you’ve been meaning to get away from it all, the last few days of February could open up some doors to hit the road. Mercury will also end up in the 3rd on the 25th followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 26th – your wanderlust will be stoked and your urge to hibernate will be officially over. Allons-y!



Aquarius: Happy birthday, dear Aquarius! The Sun is shining brightly in your sign, which means life may be feeling pretty good as February kicks off. A New Moon late in January opened the door for some big changes and positive energy – things continue to roll in your favor over the next few weeks. Venus and Mars are mingling in your 3rd house, which means love may be on the mind – and you may be tempted for some romantic travels. Whether that be to some locale that’s been calling you or a short trip with your boo, travel + romance can go together like peanut butter and jelly in February!   Keep in mind that Jupiter will be retrograde from the 6th through June in your 9th house of long distance journeys. That doesn’t mean that there will be problems but do be organized if you are doing any sort of extensive travel. You’ll want to have your plans and papers in order with enough flexibility just in case. The 10th brings a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector, which could mean that a relationship moves in an entirely new direction. This could be the next big step, or, if you’re single, an exciting new partner. Whatever the case may be, it will certainly give your love life some oomph!  Money matters will need your attention on the 18th, when the Sun heads into your 2nd house of finances. You may be seeing a vast improvement or a chunk of money that could ease your mind.  Talk to your financial advisor on the 25th when Mercury joins the 2nd house but don’t make any major decisions until after the Solar Eclipse on the 26th. That day may reveal an opportunity or an issue that could complicate matters. Make sure you have all the details before investing your moolah into anything.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  This is the time of year when you need a little quiet. The Sun is sitting peacefully in your 12th house of rest, which is best for chilling out. Meditate, visualize, hibernate – do your soul work. You don’t need to push now. You need to get yin with it. Don’t worry, there will be time enough for action later. Venus and Mars will be hanging out in your financial house for the month, which may bring some steady gains for your good efforts. A bonus or raise is possible now. If you’re running your own game, you may also see a boost in business. This is good news, especially if you’ve been stressed out after the holiday bills came in. More good news: A Lunar Eclipse in your 6th house of work on the 10th may pave the way for an opportunity that could take your career down a whole new path. If you’ve been thinking of making a career change, this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for! The 18th marks a rebirth period for you. The Sun will be entering your sign, which means the spotlight is on you, dear Pisces! Your birthday month is underway and you can be sure that you’ll be getting the attention you so rightly deserve.  Your charm is hyped-up to the max, making you a force to be reckoned with in every arena. That hibernation is a distant memory as you begin to revel in the recognition coming your way! The weekend of the 25th is potent. Mercury will slip into your sign, helping you to intuit which situations are right or not. A gorgeous Solar Eclipse on the 26th will put all eyes on you – and could signal the beginning of a you-volution. This is the right day to launch whatever you want into the world, even if only a new look. You have extra-kapow so use it wisely and you may see a dynamic new life (or you) unfold in the weeks and months ahead.


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