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March 2017

The month starts out with a hazy, floaty vibe with the Sun sitting directly on Neptune. this is an escapist transit, which means it’s easy to get lost in daydreams. Go ahead and indulge for a day but don’t put your head in the sand. There is a lot happening in the world so it’s not the time to tune out. If anything, it’s better to tune in completely, even if you’re not digging what’s unfolding.

On the 3rd, Jupiter will oppose Uranus – signaling a rebellion. A major event could happen that might force people to act. This day could bring a wake-up call of sorts, one that may say “enough.” Remember, Jupiter is expansive but Uranus is the planet of upheaval – this day is worth watching because it’s possible that something will come to a head.

Venus will turn retrograde in Aries on the 4th. The next few weeks require some introspection around relationships. Are you getting your needs met? Have you been making the effort to find a partner? Where do you need to take some risks? Take stock of what you want and then make a vow that you will make the proper efforts. That may mean making a move, hitting the dating scene again, or opening the door for a conversation around a current relationship. Venus retrograde in Aries can be lucky for love but that luck will kick in when you look within and take personal responsibility around relationships.

Mark the 5th on your calendar. Mars will be in a trine with Saturn, which is highly productive. Ambitions pay off today – those who are willing to go for their goals might see some huge progress now.

Mars will enter Taurus on the 9th, which is ideal for slow, steady progress. Instead of the fiery energy of Aries, this placement favors a thoughtful and methodical approach. It’s possible to be quite productive now, prolific even, but it won’t be fast going.

A Full Moon in Virgo on the 12th is excellent for getting organized. Clear the clutter. Throw out anything that is broken, useless, or no longer your style. Put everything in order. Balance your checkbook. Update your to-do list. You can get a lot of things done today so make the most out of this energy!

Communication gets fast ’n furious when Mercury slides into Aries on the 13th. This transit is excellent for fiery debates. Let passion lead the way – if you feel strongly about something, the next few weeks are optimal for making your point. This can be an aggressive Mercury – tempers can flare now so do be mindful on how you use this. Be ready to fight but practice restraint whenever you can.

The Sun is in Aries starting on the 20th, which amps up the energy to epic levels. Life is moving at a breakneck speed in the weeks ahead. This is a strong time for starting new things or pushing forward toward the finish line on things already began. The Sun in Aries favors activity so do keep on moving towards your goal and don’t be afraid to take a few risks.

The New Moon in Aries on the 27th is the time to be fearless. Start new things today, make bold moves, get your rear in gear! As the old saying goes: fortune favors the brave so do not hold back. Go for what you want!  Consider today the fresh start you’ve been waiting for!

As the month comes to a close, Jupiter will square Pluto on the 30th – with Jupiter in justice loving Libra and Pluto in conservative Capricorn, this day could signal a major power struggle between oppression and fairness. Expect some more rumbles on the political front as ideals clash and the old versus the new way come to a head.

Mercury in Taurus on the 31st says: let’s slow down and think before we act. This transit can give everyone the chance to pause before doing anything impulsive but it can also make people stubborn. Those who go with the latter may experience or cause problems. Best motto: keep an open mind, peeps.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  This is a powerful month for you, dear Aries. With a slew of planets in your sign, you’ll be fired up all month long! The beginning of March finds three planets in Aries, including your ruler, Mars. You’ll be off and running in hyper-productive mode as March kicks off. This is a strong time to forge ahead on new projects – or on things that got stalled last month. You can get a lot done in the first week so don’t dawdle. Your love life enters a reflective mode when Venus turns retrograde on the 4th. The weeks that follow call for mindfulness in matters of the heart. This is not the time to be aggressive or impulsive. Think before you make your move and you may avoid major problems later on. Mars enters your money sector on the 9th, which means you could see your cash flow going through a big-time improvement. Money will be coming your way – and opportunities to earn more will seem to come out of nowhere, especially after the 12th when a Full Moon lights up your 6th house of work. A new job, promotion, or project may land in your lap – and there may be a good pay day that comes with it. The week of the 13th finds Mercury and the Sun entering your sign, which means your ability to lead will be evident to others. Step into a leadership role at work – you can bring your team to victory!  The force is with you! A New Moon in your sign on the 27th signals a fresh start. If you’ve been thinking of making a life-altering change, this is the day to begin.


taurus astrology

Taurus:  Finding the balance between your social life and your need for solitude won’t be easy this month, dear Taurus. With a bevy of planets splitting both the 11th and 12th houses, you’ll need to be mindful of when you should be out…or not. You’re known for being a homebody so perhaps the solution would be small gatherings at your home or someplace quiet.  Your ruling planet, Venus, turns retrograde on the 4th in your karmic sector, making the weeks that follow ideal for healing old romantic wounds. If you’ve been hurt in love, use this time to make peace with the past once and for all. The Full Moon on the 12th  is a potent day for releasing the past. Release, let go, and you’ll make room for something better. On the 9th, Mars will head into your sign, which may feel like an energy boost! Suddenly, your vim and vigor return, which means you can make progress on your goals. You’ll be unstoppable! Work on top secret projects starting on the 13th when Mercury moves into your 12th house. This transit favors behind the scenes activities – especially for work. The Sun will join up on the 20th, which means you could be taking a back seat at work – but this is not a bad thing. You can be the secret sauce to getting big things done in solitude. A New Moon on the 27th might reveal some important information that could steer you in a whole new life direction. You can clear the mental clutter and see a new path at last. At the end of the month, Mercury will enter Taurus, giving you pause to reflect on how far you’ve come.


gemini astrology

Gemini: With the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your honors and recognition sector at the beginning of the month, you could be making some huge strides in your career. This is the time to bust those myths and show people how powerful you are. Stand tall at work and take the lead where you can. Express your ideas with confidence. All eyes are on you and you’ll rock that mic!  The 4th finds Venus turning retrograde in your 11th house of friendships, which means the weeks that follow will give you a clue as to who has your back…and who doesn’t. It may be time to clean out your Facebook friends list or to say no to low-vibe buddies who only seem to want to come around to dump on you. Your energy might dip on the 9th when Mars moves into your 12th house. If you’ve been pushing yourself too hard, do give yourself permission to rest up. A retreat or even quiet nights at home might help you to keep the balance. A Full Moon on the 12th in your 4th house signals a great time to begin any home remodeling or decluttering projects. Clear space and put your home in divine order. Donate old stuff to the Goodwill  – you’ll be glad you did. Your social life may get active on the 13th when your ruler, Mercury, heads into your 11th house followed by the Sun on the 20th. Some interesting invitations may be coming your way – some too good to decline. A bit of fun may do you good so don’t hesitate to get out ’n about with your besties. (You did clear out those not-so-great peeps, right?)  The 27th could be a fabulous night for any sort of soiree. With the New Moon in your social sector, this could be a magical night with your tightest friends. Schedule in something special and soak up those good vibes!


cancer astrology

Cancer:  The Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in your 9th house of travel could spark some wanderlust this month, dear Cancer. If you’ve been cooped up this winter, this may be a lovely time to schedule in some time off. Go to parts unknown or someplace that makes you feel relaxed. This will not only recharge you but prep you for the busyness that is happening at work. There have been a lot of challenging developments recently and with Venus turning retrograde on the 4th, work relationships could prove to be difficult. You’re a sensitive type, so try not to take anything personally in the six weeks ahead. Just do your best to try to understand where others are coming from. Mars will head into your 11th house on the 9th, which might bring some improvements with teamwork but overall, you’ll want to treat all working relationships with care if you want to avoid misunderstandings. The Full Moon on the 12th is your chance to clear the air with someone. If you need to speak up about anything, mark this day on your calendar. The week of the 13th finds Mercury heading into your career sector followed by the Sun – this is going to bring a boost to your reputation at work. Even if March started out a bit bumpy, you will have time to course-correct and shine brightly. The New Moon on the 27th could bring a dazzling opportunity. This could be a golden moment in your career, one you’ve been hoping for. Grab it!


leo astrology

Leo:  Things could be heating up in March, dear Leo. With the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your 8th house until the 20th, you may get some extra sizzle in the bedroom. This could prove to be quite delightful so do make the most out of it! Travel is also a strong possibility this month – your 9th house is lit up with a bunch of planets all month long, making March one of the best months of the year to head out of town if you can. Venus will turn retrograde on the 4th, which could create some issues if you are traveling with a loved one. The best plan of action is to either travel solo or set boundaries. If you are planning a romantic journey during this time, do focus on mindful communication and intimacy. That may prevent any problems from escalating. Mars heads into your career sector on the 9th, which is fantastic for you! The weeks that follow could see your star rising at work. Opportunities for advancement will be coming your way – be sure to look out for them. The 12th brings a Full Moon in your 2nd house of money. This day could bring important news about finances. This could be good or bad but what’s important is that you act quickly. Be ready to make a decision that day!  On the A New Moon in your 9th house on the 27th may reveal another interesting travel opportunity. You might as well keep your bags packed for April because the skies are oh-so-friendly to you this spring.


virgo astrology

Virgo: Relationships are center-stage all month long, dear Virgo. Your 7th and 8th houses are very busy, which means it’s time to see where your relationship is heading. If you’ve been feeling in the dark, March might bring you much needed clarity. This will be especially important when Venus turns retrograde on the 4th, where it will remain for about six weeks. Venus retrograde is the right time to reflect on what you want from a current love – or love in general. If you’re in a relationship, this could be revealing or healing. Maybe both. Single? Take these weeks to clarify what you want in a relationship – and then create a plan for meeting someone new. Be proactive in love and you could see stunning results. Mars slides into your travel sector on the 9th, which means you may find many reasons to hit the road, both business and pleasure. Work travel could bring new opportunities to shine, so if you need to travel for business, go! A Full Moon on the 12th in your sign says: it’s time to update your look. A new do or a fresh outfit might help you feel more confident in both career and love. Shake things up a bit!  UPGRADE. The week of the 13th finds Mercury and the Sun heading into your 8th house of sex, which means you could experience greater intimacy. Or find yourself in a compromising position! Either way, things are bound to heat up a bit, so if you’re feeling frisky, blame the planets (or that new ‘do!).  The 27th is an especially good night for lovin’.  A New Moon in the 8th could open the door for a hot night with a current flame – or with a sexy new suitor. Romance is on the menu that night – indulge without guilt!


libra astrology

Libra: Both work and love need your attention this month, dear Libra. Thankfully, you’re adept at finding balance so you should be able to manage just fine. Let’s start off with work. The Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your 6th house gives you the ability to communicate like a pro. You’re going to dazzle ‘em with your silver tongue and mental dexterity. You can make a point but remain oh-so-diplomatic. You’ll find this talent useful when it comes to love too. Venus, Mars and Uranus are in your house of partnerships, which means you can make love and war at the same time – without any major bloodshed. Venus will be turning retrograde on the 4th, making the next few weeks perfect for examining your relationships under a microscope. Is this really what you want? Are all these compromises worth it? Don’t rush to make a decision but once you do, don’t waffle either. On the 9th, Mars heads into your 8th house – which may put the emphasis on the sexual side of things. That could lead to some pretty steamy make-up lovin’. A Full Moon in your 12th house on the 12th is ideal for a time out – take a mini-retreat that day if you can. It’ll do your nerves good and help you to recenter. On the 13th, Mercury slides into your 7th house, followed by the Sun on the 20th – this amplifies the relationship thing. It’s getting more and more obvious what your next move needs to be. On the 27th, the sign you need to see will be flickering right in front of your face when a New Moon lights up your relationship sector. This is make it or break time. If the signs say yes, move forward with confidence. But a red flag shouldn’t be ignored, no matter how hot the bedroom action is.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio:  Ready to max out your love life to the next level, dear Scorpio? You can do just that in March. With the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your romance sector, this is the right month for meeting someone new or for strengthening the bond in a current relationship. Bring on the romance, make your moves, and don’t be afraid to state your feelings! You can get what you want if you are wiling to bring your game, dawg. Work partnerships, on the other hand, require a bit more stealth this month. Your ruling planet, Mars, sits in the 6th house at the beginning of the month, which may bring out your aggression. That could work except Venus will turn retrograde on the 4th, which means you’ll need to bring mindfulness to all work encounters. Instead of pushing, you’ll want to practice active listening. You may also need to rethink the way you do business – what needs to change? Are you making stuff happen or just making a scene? On the 9th, Mars travels into your relationship zone, which may ease up the work tension but add an element of intensity to your love life! Focus your passion there and watch the fireworks commence. The 12th brings a Full Moon into your 11th house of friendships – this could be an excellent night out with your BFFs or an opportunity to clear the air with a friendship gone stale. The 13th puts Mercury into your 6th house of work and health followed by the Sun on the 20th – this might be the right week to overhaul your diet or your work schedule. Look to where you need to clean up so that you can keep both work and health in tip-top shape. You’ll need that when the New Moon on the 27th opens up a big door for your career. This could be a killer opportunity that could steer things in an exciting new direction!  Yasss baby!


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: Thinking about buying a house or renovating a room in your home, dear Sagittarius? With the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your 4th house, go ahead and set your nest up to your satisfaction. Make it cozy as can be because your romantic sector is lit up beautifully with Venus, Mars and Uranus as March begins. Let love rule – and bring that good stuff home!  Venus will turn retrograde on the 4th, which means that you might want to have some good heart-to-hearts over the next few weeks. This could be healing for an old relationship or enlightening for a new one! On the 9th, Mars will enter your work sector, which could find you busy as can be. This marks a highly productive period, where you can get a lot done – far beyond your usual grind. It’s also a rad transit for your fitness goals. If you’re trying to shape up, you might find the right energy to make massive strides! Your rep gets a serious boost on the 12th, when a Full  Moon clears the way for a new role at work. You could be moving into a leadership position – or finishing off a very important project once and for all. The 13th finds Mercury moving into your romance zone with the Sun following suit on the 20th. Once again, the emphasis is on love. Bit by bit, you’re finding the best way to get the kind of relationship you really want. All that communication is paying off – keep it up. The New Moon on the 27th could be the romantic breakthrough you’ve been hoping for. All in all, March is shaping up to be most excellent for you – and your boo.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: You’ve got some big ideas you’d like to bring out to the world this month, dear Capricorn. You’re on to something, so don’t hold back! With the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in your house of mind, you’ve got the goods and it’s time to communicate your brilliance to the world. This is an especially good time for brainstorming. Gather your work mates and you may just discover the perfect solution to any work conundrum. Family matters need your attention when Venus turns retrograde on the 4th in your home sector. This could bring some tension with loved ones to a head in the following weeks. Do your best to understand where they are coming from. Relationships can improve but you’ll need to practice loads of compassion now. This retrograde is NOT favorable for doing work around the home. Things may be more expensive than expected – if you can, put off your home improvement projects until the end of April.  Fiery Mars lands into your 5th house of romance on the 9th, which means: passion is the name of the game. This promises to heat things up. If you’ve been feeling ho-hum about love, that could change dramatically!  SAVOR it and don’t be afraid to be assertive, especially if you’re single. That hottie in the club who’s eyeing you up might just be too shy to say anything. Your move, player. Mercury and the Sun head into your 4th house the week of the 13th, which might bring further improvements to the family scene. This could be a good week for getting the family together to resolve an issue. Hug it out! On the 27th, a New Moon may bring a new member to the family – or a new home. It’s a great day to buy or sell a home – or to bring your new love home to meet the fam.



Aquarius: The month starts out with some promising financial news, dear Aquarius. Something is getting ready to pay off, which is going to make you one happy camper. The Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your 2nd house is favorable for all sorts of money things – you could get a raise, bonus, or see an investment finally starting to sprout. Whatever the case may be, this is good news indeed!  On the romantic front, Venus sits in your 3rd house of mind, which means a relationship could be getting under your skin for good or ill. Venus will turn retrograde on the 4th, which means you need to slow down before making a major decision on love. Give yourself time over the next few weeks to see how things go down…and how you feel. Do not be impulsive! Mars rips into your home zone on the 9th, signaling a few weeks where you can get your house in order. If you’ve been letting those papers pile up, go on a mad decluttering spree for a few weeks. Your home will be happier – and so will you. A Full Moon on the 12th could be most excellent for your sex life. Put it this way: that night is ideal for any sort of hanky-panky. As unromantic as this may be: schedule in something special that night. In your newly cleaned house, of course. The 13th finds Mercury heading into your 3rd house followed by the Sun on the 20th – this marks a few weeks that are ideal for short trips and self-expression. You can state your thoughts with power – and travel with ease. It’s also good for hobnobbing and networking. If you are hitting the road for work, you might make a good impression now. The 27th brings a New Moon – one that could give you a brilliant idea that could pay off later. Pay attention to any insights and omens you receive today. Mark that shizz down and tuck it away until the time is right.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  This is your month, dear Pisces! Happy birthday! The months starts off with the Sun connecting with your ruler, Neptune on the 2nd – make a wish! Put your intentions out to the Universe! Your dreams can become a reality now so make big, bold affirmations + declarations. You’ve also got a bit of extra swagger until the 20th – use that to your advantage. You can get the attention you need to make an impression at work – or on the single’s scene if you’re unattached. Finances will come and go all month long so do keep an eye on your purse. Although you have the ability to attract it, Venus retrograde on the 4th indicates you may have trouble managing it. Money may burn a hole through your pocket if you are not careful. Best to hold off on splurging and retail therapy until Venus goes direct in April. Mars enters your 3rd house on the 9th, which may up your mental energy. Distraction? Pfft. Not a problem now! You’re ready to get stuff done and not much can get in your way. This is especially good for study – if you’re in school, cram away and you’ll ace the exam.  Pay attention to relationships on the 12th – a Full Moon could bring about a change. How that change manifests remains to be seen (good or bad). Be mindful and don’t ignore your feelings. They matter. The week of the 13th puts the emphasis back on money matters. Mercury and the Sun begin to travel through your 2nd house, which could amplify the urge to splurge. While a little treat isn’t a big deal, you’ll still want to remain on guard for overspending and impulse buying. Remember: Venus is retrograde, yo. The New Moon on the 27th could illuminate a new way of making money or a change that might chill out this spendaholic gig. Better yet, Mercury will enter steady, conservative Taurus on the 31st – if you can hold off on any major expenses until then, you might be glad you did.


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