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April 2017

The cosmos are going to be hella active in April with a lotta retrograde stuff happening so get ready for some busy astro-energy. But don’t fret – imma break it all down for you!

Venus is still retrograde at the beginning of the month.  Since March 4th, we’ve all had a chance to examine our relationships. Under this influence, things are coming to light. This is an opportunity to see if a relationship can make it or not. For those who have been struggling, you may finally be gathering the courage to let go. Other relationships may become even stronger. If you’ve started a new fling under this transit, you may wake up on the 15th, when Venus goes direct, and ask yourself “what the heck have I done here?” Try to stay as conscious as possible with any and all decisions around your important partnerships.  Keep in mind, this isn’t just romance stuff – any relationship is up for grabs when Venus is in retrograde motion.

Hard taskmaster Saturn will turn retrograde on the 6th in jovial Jupiter. This has the effect of your mom crashing your pot party. It’s time to face the music and grow up. If you’ve been avoiding an issue, you’ll have a few months to sort that out. It’s not the time to duck and hide – instead, you need to accept responsibility for your actions. Do that and you’ll learn a lot. On a global scale, this could symbolize a period where people are feeling fearful and less trusting of their government. Issues may come to the surface, some with a karmic bent to them, that may shed light on some poor choices that started a few months back. This could be a heavy time for politics – if something or someone is spinning out of control, they may need some sort of intervention to get things back on track.

To add fuel to the fire, Mercury will go retrograde in Taurus on the 9th – which means money matters could be problematic for the weeks that follow. Financial decisions must be made with great care. All ventures and contracts need to be closely examined if you want to avoid drama later. This is not a bad time to refinance things but again, watch those contracts. Keep in mind that Taurus is also stubborn – under this retrograde, people may be feeling obstinate. This could stall negotiations and create grudge matches. Watch your own attitude for bullheadedness. Try to be as reasonable as possible.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 11th is a wonderful time to reveal your feelings for someone. If you’ve been fancying that special person, make your move today! This day may also reveal some important legal information that could change a situation. If you’re dealing with legal matters, you may get the green light or the info you need to move forward. This Full Moon may also shed light on karmic issues. Remember – Libra favors the law, both legal and karmic. Pay attention for any insights you get today – and stay on good behavior!

The Sun aligns with change-maker Uranus on the 14th, which indicates a desire for freedom! This day may shake things up a bit with an unexpected change, one that could upend routines and disrupt the status quo. That’s not a bad thing – especially if you’ve felt stagnant in any way. In fact, if that sounds like how you’ve been feeling, this may be the right day to lead a rebellion – or to play hooky! Just be mindful that you cover your tracks because things could backfire (ex: play hooky, get caught by boss, fired!).

The Sun enters steady Taurus on the 19th and we’re all feeling a bit more grounded. This is a stable position for the Sun and signals a great time to stop and smell the roses (if you’re lucky enough to have some blooms happening in your hood). Unlike fiery Aries, this placement is plodding and calm, best suited for slowing down and savoring life. Don’t assume things will be placid though – Mercury will stir up the action when it enters passionate Aries the next day!

In fact, the 20th promises to be an intense day overall – Mercury in Aries means communication moves from the emo vibe of Pisces to fiery AF. The Sun will be conjunct Mercury, which is like adding ghost peppers to your chili: the vibe is potentially explosive, which means passions could get inflamed, causing people to do or say impulsive things. Powerful Pluto will also be going retrograde – which means it’s time to reflect on power. Not just how we use power – but also how we give our power away to others. Are you standing in your power – or allowing others to call the shots? Politically, the months that Pluto is retrograde could be interesting – infighting is possible, things could spin out of control, and someone may lose their power if they are abusing it. Pluto can bring about a major transformation but not without confronting issues around power and the use and abuse of it.  (Pluto will be retrograde until September 28th.)  As you can see, the 20th needs to be handled with care.

The next day, Mars moves into fickle Gemini, which means there may be a tendency to scatter forces and become less focused in the process. Instead of the steady, plodding progress we may have been enjoying the first three weeks of April, things can go easily haywire. Communication can also be aggressive and sharp – watch the news the next couple of weeks. The tone is bound to be interesting to say the least.

A gorgeous New Moon on the 26th in Taurus means it’s time to reboot our financial picture. Take this day to give your money a good once-over. Where do you need to make changes? Do you need to pay down your debts or just organize your checkbook? Is it time to raise your rates – or ask for that raise? You can make changes now so don’t delay! Also, take time to question what’s important to you. What do you value? What do you want? Set your intentions for what you’d like to welcome into your life.

Venus heads into smoldering Aries on the 28th, which is like ups the passion to three-alarm status. The weeks that follow promise to be exciting in the romance department!  Passions may become inflamed and everyone is hot ‘n bothered. Watch out for impulsive behavior and jealousy. If the kitchen gets too hot, get the hell out of there!

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  All eyes are on you this month, dear Aries. With the Sun shining brightly in your sign, you have the potential to make some serious progress. All you need to do is point your gaze on your goal and stay on it until your mission is accomplished. With your ruling planet, Mars, in Taurus you’ll have the tenacity to get there. Venus is still in retrograde motion and will slide back into Pisces on the 2nd. In matters of the heart, this month may be better suited for pulling back and reflecting on what it is you actually want. Have you been going in the right direction – or hanging on to someone that isn’t worth your time? An honest assessment now will help you make healthier choices going forward. If you’re traveling anywhere this month, be aware that Saturn will be turning retrograde in your travel sector on the 6th followed by Mercury retrograde on the 9th. If you’re heading out of town, you’ll want to be extra mindful in the weeks that follow. Plan for some delays and factor in some extra time if you can. A Full Moon in your 7th house of relationships on the 11th might bring an epiphany around a partnership. This could be the insight you’ve been waiting for and when Venus turns direct on the 15th, you are going to be ready to start taking inspired action on that relationship. This might be the time to go for it full on – or back away once and for all. Either way, this month may bring a status change in your love life! On the 19th, the Sun enters your 2nd house of money, which means your earning power is amplified! It’s possible that you may be receiving some very good money news around that time. The 26th brings more opportunity to score some cash when the New Moon opens another money door. This is very good news for you, dear Aries, as this marks the beginning of an improvement in your overall financial picture. On the 21st, Mars moves into your 3rd house of mind, amping up your creative juices. Ideas are flowing like a burst pipe – be sure to put those on paper so you don’t lose ‘em. You may also be feeling a bit impulsive – and when Venus heads into Aries on the 28th, you’re frisky too. Keep your libido in check or you might undo the progress made earlier in the month.


taurus astrology

Taurus:  If anyone will be getting things done this month, it’s you, dear Taurus! With Mars in your sign, you’ve got the energy and stamina to accomplish every goal that you put your mind to. Not much will stand in your way so make the most out of this energy and kick some major ass!  The Sun in the 12th house of rest is a gentle reminder to balance out this productive vibe with some quiet time as well. Whether that be through a   weekend meditation retreat or just some good self-care, do not neglect your needs at this time. You’ll be even more unstoppable if you remember to get your rest! Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign on the 9th, which could lead to some delays but don’t let that deter you. Continue on and take a detour if needed. Again, you’ve got the wind at your sails so a snafu here and there won’t be the end of the world. With your ruling planet, Venus, retrograde until the 15th, romantic matters may be a bit complicated. This is a time where communication will solve any issues that arise. If you need to get something off your chest, don’t go silent. Be upfront. Clear the air! On the 11th, a Full Moon in your health sector says it’s time to get on top of your fitness regime, especially if you’ve been slacking of late. Lace up your sneakers and hit the gym!  The 19th finds the Sun entering your sign, which means Taurus season begins in earnest. The weeks that follow find you at your best in every way. Take advantage of this and grab that spotlight where you can. You belong there, darling. Mercury slides into your 12th house on the 20th while Neptune goes retrograde, ideal for working on top secret projects. What new schemes are you cooking up? Your 2nd house of money gets a boost when Mars moves in on the 21st, signaling a few weeks where you can make some serious bread. All that hard work you’ve been doing? Pay off time! The 26th is extra sweet with a New Moon in your sign. Anything started this day has the chance of being successful down the road. State your intention, focus your will, and take action. So mote it be!


gemini astrology

Gemini: You’re a social butterfly this month, dear Gemini. With the Sun in your 11th house, you’re on everyone’s invite list so don’t expect to stay home and twiddle your thumbs! Instead, take advantage of those invitations and have fun! Playtime with your pals always does wonders for your spirit. This placement of the Sun indicates popularity but also goals being reached. April might be a banner month for achievement. Just be warned that Mars in your 12th house could put you on an enemy’s radar. While you’re out shining, they may be wondering why you’re getting that attention. They might try to take a swipe but if you keep a cool head, they’ll tire themselves out. Don’t let anyone dull your shine – sparkle on! Your ruling planet, Mercury will be retrograde on the 9th, which means you need to be careful with whom you’re sharing confidences. Something said in secret could get out. Best plan: keep your trap shut. Don’t reveal your hand until the coast clears in May. Romance could get interesting when the Full Moon on the 11th opens up a door for a new relationship – or for an old flame to come crawling back. While this may be tempting, remember that Venus is retrograde until the 15th. You need to ponder this a bit before making your ultimate decision. When the Sun enters your private sector on the 19th, it’s time to pull back from all the social obligations and focus on your inner world. This is a wonderful four week period for taking a sabbatical. If you can manage to go away, do so. If not, just put up your “do not disturb” sign and turn the phone off. Fiery Mars will be in Gemini on the 21st, which will amp up your energy to speed-freak status. You’re going to be bouncing off the walls and ready to launch a million new projects. Practice restraint and focus or you risk scattering your forces to the wind!  On the 26th, the New Moon in your 12th house will give you an opportunity to slow down just a bit and rethink your strategy. Let that day be set aside for brainstorming and chilling. You might be surprised at what insights you’ll glean from kicking back and resting a bit.


cancer astrology

Cancer:  Once again you’re nailing it at work, dear Cancer. The Sun is high in your chart, which means your star is continuing to rise! You’re getting the attention so you richly deserve. Bask in that spotlight and go for the gold! Watch out the week of the 6th, when Saturn turns retrograde in your work sector followed by Mercury going retrograde on the 9th. This could bring problems with coworkers – some goals could get stymied by miscommunication. Don’t let that foil your plans. Instead, find a way to lead through example. If others can’t be clear, you be clear. A Full Moon in your home sector on the 11th is ideal for organizing the home – or putting it up for sale. If you’re thinking of moving or improving, this day says: start now.  The timing is impeccable. Venus will be turning direct on the 15th – this week is perfect for scheduling your summer travel plans. If you’ve been holding off on buying a ticket, you can go ahead. Your social life gets a boost when the Sun warms up your 11th house. This could mark a period of more social activity – or a chance to reconnect with old pals. If you’ve lost touch with a friend, reach out. Mars will roar into your 12th house of rest on the 21st – which means it’s time to slow that roar down to a purr. Find some down time in your schedule for you-time. Make your self-care a priority and you’ll continue to operate at your best. Pay attention to your friendships on the 26th. A New Moon in Taurus could be revealing. Important news that might impact a friendship will arise – and it could take a relationship in a whole new direction.


leo astrology

Leo:  April is going to be utterly divine for any sort of travel, provided you carve in some extra time for delays – and work your patience muscles, dear Leo. That’s because the Sun in your travel sector is itching for parts fun-known but pesky Mercury will also be turning retrograde on the 9th. Don’t let that dissuade you from hitting the road. But do be mindful and try not to lose your cool if you hit a snag or lose your luggage. A little vigilance and hyper-planning should help to keep problems to a minimum. Venus is also retrograde until the 15th, which could bring about some unexpected expenses or romantic interludes. An expensive night out with your sweetheart? Or a fling at a posh hotel? Whatever the case, remember this: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Mars is hanging out in your career sector until the 21st, which means your ambitions are on display for all to see. This is leadership stuff so take command at work. A genius idea may hit you on the 11th when the Full Moon lands in your 3rd house. This could be the brilliant insight that saves the day at work – or a creative flash of inspiration that leads to the next great product or novel. The 19th adds more frosting to the cake when the Sun heads into your 10th house, putting the work spotlight squarely on you. You might be getting accolades for your idea – or that plum new role you’ve been eyeing up. Either way, you’re movin’ on up. Things get even sweeter when the New Moon sheds light on a juicy opportunity – one that could prove to be auspicious. All in all, April is shaping up to be in your favor. Work it!


virgo astrology

Virgo: Finances need your attention this month, dear Virgo. If you’ve been burying your nose in the sand, now is the time to get on top of your money game. The Sun in your 8th house is ideal for going over your budget with your partner – or taking care of your taxes. If you’re the type that likes to put that shizz off until the last minute, don’t. Your ruling planet, Mercury will be going retrograde on the 9th, which means mistakes could be made, mail could get lost, or computer may crash – all stuff that could end up making tax season a nightmare if you wait until the last minute. Be as orderly as you can and you’ll avoid problems. Relationships will also need a bit of TLC. Venus is retrograde until the 15th – have you been neglecting your honey? Or feeling like they are neglecting you? Open up a dialogue and see what’s up. Communication could turn a situation around so do speak up.  On the 19th, the Sun heads into your travel sector. Is it time for a little vacay? Go ahead and schedule your plans but try to move them into mid-May when Mercury is direct and you’re well out of the shadow period. The 21st will put the spotlight on your career when Mars moves boldly into your 10th house of honors and recognition. This could signal an ambitious period where you get a lot accomplished – and get kudos for your hard work. Don’t be afraid to take the lead. It will pay off handsomely. A stunning New Moon on the 26th opens up a window for a last minute getaway. If you decide to go for it, just remember to plan for delays because trickster Mercury is still creating trouble. Proceed with caution.


libra astrology

Libra: Relationships promise to be challenging but promising in April, dear Libra. That’s because the Sun is hanging out in your 7th house of partnerships and your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde until the 15th. To top it off, Mercury will be going retrograde on the 9th. What does this mean? You’ll need to find the balance (pun intended) between meeting the needs of a partner without losing yourself in the process. All relationships – not just romantic – require some sort of compromise during this period. That doesn’t mean you bend over backwards – it means you must find a way to meet each other halfway. Do that and you’ll be golden and your relationships will improve. If you are spoiling for a fight or dealing with someone who is, back off and let things cool down. Words said during a Mercury retrograde may prove to be hurtful. Think before you speak and you may avoid unnecessary drama. A Full Moon in your sign on the 11th is righteous for revealing your true self to others. If you’ve been holding parts of yourself back, no more! Be you. Unapologetically you. It’s also a good day for a rad new look. Chop off your hair or get rid of those unflattering jeans that you’ve been hanging on to. If a look or item of clothing no longer fits you, out with it!  The 19th finds the Sun ambling into your 8th house of intimacy. This could add some sizzle to the bedroom. Make up sex? Perhaps. Last minute trips are possible when impulsive Mars jumps into your travel sector. Look for opportunities to hit the road but be mindful – Mercury is still retrograde until early next month. This could bring a few delays but if you’re patient, you should be able to move right through those. On the 26th, a New Moon in the 8th house signals a new source of income or a go-ahead on a loan you’ve been waiting on. This could ease your financial picture greatly and help move you closer to making a dream come true.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: Work demands will keep you hopping like an Easter Rabbit in April, dear Scorpio. The Sun is hanging out in your 6th house, which means there is work to be done and only you can get it to the finish line. Focus on your to-do list and commit until every last task is complete. You’ll want to apply that same discipline to your health. If you’ve been neglecting your fitness, spring is perfect for putting it back on track. Develop new habits and you could feel and look better in short order. Venus is retrograde until the 15th, which could complicate romantic matters. Relationships may feel like a lot more work than usual – or you may get excited about a new suitor only to discover they aren’t who they say they are. If you’re online dating, you’ll want to do your due diligence before agreeing to meet in person. This is especially warranted this month because Mercury will be going retrograde on the 9th in your house of partnerships. Miscommunications or misrepresentation could a problem. Again, trouble can be averted if you trust your Scorpy intuition and dig a bit more for information. Partnered Scorpios may also find communication is a struggle. Your typical mode is to go silent when you’re not happy but this is not the time for that. Open up and try to find a middle ground. On the 11th, a Full Moon in your 12th house could be a revealing day. An important truth surfaces that may impact you directly. Or a hidden enemy could emerge and throw a wrench into the works. Stay chill and don’t let them gain ground. You’re powerful enough to deflect any of their nonsense. Things begin to improve when the Sun slides into your 7th house. Suddenly relationships begin to warm up a bit and you can see glimmers of hope. The New Moon on the 26th kicks of a new beginning period in love. Old relationships get a second chance at love – and new ones could spring up for those who are single. The weeks that follow show great promise. After all the hard work and intrigue, you’re getting a spring in your step and a happy outlook for May!


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: The chance for romance is strong in April, dear Sagittarius! With the Sun warming up your true love sector, this may be one of the better months to meet someone new – or to strengthen an existing relationship. Put effort here and you’re bound to see some sweet rewards! Even though Venus is retrograde until the 15th, you’re still getting plenty of play, playa. Things will get even better when it goes direct! This is also a month of immense personal growth. That’s because Saturn, which has been sitting in your sign for the last two years, is going retrograde on the 6th. Take stock of how far you’ve come in the previous two years. What issues do you still need to work on? Where might you need discipline…or more compassion? From this time until late August, you’ll have time to ponder what work is left to be done and who you’re becoming in the process. Mercury will go retrograde in your 6th house of work and health on the 9th, giving you pause to reflect on what you want out of your career – and what fitness goals need revamping. As you can see, there is a lot of energy around life-improvement buzzing around you. The more you examine the internals, the more likely your external life will continue to shape up. On the 11th, a Full Moon in your social sector might pave the way for a revealing conversation with a friend. The news might be a shocker!  The Sun heads into your 6th house on the 19th, marking a few weeks of intensified work duties. Keep your head in the game and don’t get distracted by water cooler gossip or power plays between peers. You need to knuckle down and stay on your grind until the work is done. On the 21st, passionate Mars moves into your relationship zone, which means steamy nights are ahead!  That romance stuff that began at the beginning of the month may be taking a sexy turn. A New Moon on the 26th could pave the way for taking it to a whole new level. The temperature around you is bound to rise!


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: Your executive powers may be needed in the home front, dear Capricorn. That’s because the Sun is hitting your 4th house and demands may be coming from your household. It may be that a home repair becomes problematic – or a loved one may need extra support. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to take charge and create divine order. This transit is also good for home gatherings. If you’re thinking of inviting your family and friends over for a little get-together, go ahead and send out the invites. On the 9th, Mercury will be going retrograde, which may cause some communication misfires in the romance department. The weeks that follow require lots of patience – and listening. If you want progress in love, you need to be ready to do the work. Venus will turn direct on the 15th, which may help to ease up any romantic tension you’ve been feeling. Healing can begin but it may continue to be slow going until Mercury goes direct next month. A Full Moon on the 11th in your career sector could clear the way for a meteoric rise. You’ve been working oh-so-hard and now you’re bound to get noticed. The months ahead could prove to be quite satisfying as you continue to climb up the company ladder or get the recognition you deserve. No one works as hard as you, Capricorn, so this is good news!  Keep in mind that your ruler, Saturn, will be retrograde from April 6th through late August – this means you have to remain disciplined and serious.The Sun will light up your romance sector on the 19th, bringing more improvement in love matters. Keep at it! Even if you’ve biffed it completely, you can still turn things around! Powerhouse Mars will zoom into your work sector on the 21st, amping up your leadership skills like never before. Take the lead, be assertive where necessary, and be prepared for long days. Once again, this will be worth it. You are building an impressive body of work and this is not the time to slow down. If anything, amp it up MORE. The New Moon on the 26th will clear the air once and for all in love. A breakthrough is possible. Or, if you’re single, a hot new love interest may capture your attention. This month is a lot of work in both career and love – but you’ll be happy to see where things are heading as May unfolds.



Aquarius: You’ve got big ideas that are worth pursuing this month, dear Aquarius. With the Sun hanging out in your mind sector until the 19th, you’re buzzing with plans for the future – or ideas around a killer new creative project. Try to start working on these before Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th. At that time, life may interfere with your progress or you may get distracted with other matters. Wanderlust hits you hard on the 11th, when the Full Moon opens up a window for a travel opportunity. This could be a spur-of-the-moment thing that turns out to be quite magical. Go if you can! Mars in your 4th house for most of April also means it’s time to get cracking on those home improvement projects. Clean out the garage, tear up the carpet, declutter your home office, get started on spring cleaning. Put things in order now and you’ll be free to play when summer arrives. The Sun heads into your domestic sector on the 19th, which is ideal for inviting peeps over to your newly cleaned abode. Spring soirees and barbecues are in order! Romance has been challenging as of late with Venus retrograde. You’ve had to make some sacrifices to make love work but that will ease up when Venus turns direct on the 15th. It’s going to be easier to make your move – or make up. Mars will add some fire under your feet when it heads into your romance zone on the 21st. Suddenly, lust is on the front burner and you’re busting out the Marvin Gaye records. You might even be tempted to do something impulsive like an out-of-the-blue engagement or last minute weekend getaway at some fancy-pants b&b. Bring on the romance and do it up right! The 26th finds a New Moon in your 4th house of home – marking a new beginning. This could be a good day for buying a home, starting another home project, or expanding your family. Spring is hoppin’!


pisces astrology

Pisces:  Financial matters need your attention this month, dear Pisces. The Sun in your 2nd house until the 19th delivers good money news but keep in mind that pesky Mercury will go retrograde on the 9th. This could bring some unexpected expenses that could undermine your financial growth. To top this off, a Full Moon in your 8th house of joint finances and taxes on the 11th could shed light on a bigger than expected tax bill. How to handle this: be conservative and manage your resources with care. This is not the month to get that Rolex. Instead, sock that money away for rainy days. You’ll be glad you did! Saturn is turning retrograde in your career sector on the 6th until August, which means you might be fixing some old issues at work – or revisiting a project to see if you can breathe life into it. This is a strong period for cleaning up your reputation if it’s taken a hit. Some good PR efforts in the months that follow could get you back in the spotlight and shining brightly. If you’ve had no problems in that department, this might still be a good time to google yourself and see how you’re coming up online. If you don’t like what you see – or feel you’re getting enough credit for your hard work, do a little updating so that people can see your awesome loud ‘n clear!  You may have love on the brain but have been too busy to give it the attention it needs. When Venus goes direct on the 15th, you may find yourself ready to act. Get your flirt on and you might get some interesting leads.The Sun will head into your 3rd house on the 19th, which is ideal for short trips. A weekend jaunt to the country would do you good now. Find plenty of excuses for little excursions in the weeks ahead. Even a short journey to the nearest city could expand your world. On the 21st, Mars enters your domestic sector, which means it’s time to think about spring cleaning your home. Grab your duster and tackle those dustbunnies!  Declutter from top to bottom. Make it shine! The 26th lands a New Moon in your 3rd – this could bring yet another sweet chance to travel – or a brilliant idea! The world is your oyster and you’re ready to explore it and make your mark on it.


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