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May 2017

After April’s crazy astro-energy, May is going to feel a whole lot calmer. For one, Mercury will be turning direct on the 3rd. Mercury retrograde tends to bring travel snafus, communication issues and tech problems – as May progresses most of this will seem to be a distant memory.

On the 10th, a Full Moon in Scorpio will bring the intensity. This is a dramatic moon – emotions will run high and deep. This is a good day for releasing and healing deep-seated issues. If you’re harboring a negative emotion like regret, envy, or obsession, set an intention to let go of those feelings. Face your fears and let go of limiting beliefs. It’s also a good time to explore intimacy. If this has been missing in your life, the Moon in Scorpio is ideal for seeking healthy ways to explore it.

Mercury will move into stable Taurus on the 16th, which means common sense and practicality are going to lead the way. The weeks that follow should see steady progress towards your goals, although things may feel a bit slow at times. Communication is down-to-earth when Mercury is in Taurus. If you need to have a practical conversation about any matter, this is the right time to initiate that. Be mindful that this transit can bring out stubbornness – if you or the other party is feeling obstinate, you might want to drop matters and reignite the conversation when Mercury is in adaptable Gemini on June 6th.

Serious Saturn makes a friendly angle to funky Uranus on the 19th. If you’ve been thinking of making a major life change, this is the ideal day to begin. The energy is productive and constructive – you shouldn’t experience any major obstacles. Instead, things should flow in an orderly fashion.

The Sun will move into quicksilver Gemini on the 20th, which should bring a friendly, sociable vibe. The next few weeks will be excellent for getting out ’n about and indulging your whims. This is a Sun that favors intellectual development, communication, and curiosity. Take a class, ring up an old friend, start a new hobby. There is no reason to be bored now.

A fantastic New Moon in Gemini on the 25th is perfect for expressing yourself, starting a much-needed dialogue, or getting involved in education. Share your big ideas but remain receptive to other people’s as well. For business, this is a great Moon for updating your brand. What kind of message do you want to send out to the world? If you’ve gotten stale, revamp away! Because Gemini favors all forms of communication, you might want to update your technology too. A new cell phone or laptop? Yes, please.

As May comes to a close, life is moving full speed ahead with less bumps and better communication. Summer is coming and it’s looking like it’s going to be peachy-keen all around.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  Finances are on your mind this month, dear Aries. With the Sun sitting pretty in your 2nd house, you should be able to see some positive financial growth in May. This could be a raise or promotion – or an influx of new clients. Whatever the source, be grateful for this change and keep hustling. That will be easier to do when Mercury turns direct on the 3rd. If you felt tongue tied the last few weeks, you’ll have no trouble speaking your mind and making the sale once we begin easing out of the shadow period. Your ruling planet, Mars, is also hanging out in your 3rd house of communication – giving you the ability to command an audience. The weeks ahead will find you at your best – the perfect blend between charming and assertive!  A brilliant Full Moon in your 8th house might clear away a financial problem that’s been bugging you for some time. Or it may reveal an opportunity for some hanky-panky with your honey. This day feels like the ground shifts in your favor. More good money news arrives when Mercury slides into your financial sector on the 16th. Your manifesting abilities are going to a whole new level – you can create some serious growth at this time. Stay focused on what you want to earn and know that it’s finally possible to move towards baller status! Your mind turns to travel when the Sun heads into your 3rd house on the 20th. This is a great time to plan your summer travels. Plot out a few weekend getaways now and schedule in some time off to play. On the 25th, the New Moon brings you a brilliant idea – one that could be a game changer. Take action on any insights you receive this day – it could open up big doors!


taurus astrology

Taurus: The Sun is shining brightly on you as the month kicks off, dear Taurus. This is giving you a mega-boost of confidence – and that will surely get you noticed. Whether you’re trying to get the attention of your boss or that special someone, you can be sure that all eyes are on you. Mercury will be going direct on the 3rd, marking a few weeks where you can finally gain some traction on your top secret projects. This is a good time for any sort of behind-the-scenes research. You may be gathering information that could take your project to the next level before the big reveal. A change in an important relationship is possible when a Full Moon lands directly in your 7th house of partnerships. This could be a make it or break it day so pay attention, especially if your relationship is struggling. If you’re thinking of popping the question, this might be the right day for bringing out that bling! Mercury will move into your sign mid-month, which gives you the gift of gab. You can express yourself with ease in the weeks ahead. That could bring you loads of benefits in both your career and relationships. Your finances are going to be on the upswing all month long. Mars is hanging out in your money zone all month long, which means you’ve got the energy to create more cash. Whether that be through ambitious moves at work or through aggressive investing, you could see some serious growth. You’ll want to keep the credit card tucked away though because Mars here can sometimes bring impulse spending. That could undo all the gains you’ve worked so hard for. The Sun will join Mars on the 20th, which could bring additional force to your money-making capabilities. But remember: like Mars, the Sun likes to have a good time. Remember to budget wisely so that you can make the most out of this big-earning period. A lovely New Moon on the 25th opens up a door for another opportunity to pad your bank account. This could be a raise, promotion, or unexpected windfall. Whatever the case may be, cash is king. It’s good to be king.


gemini astrology

Gemini: May starts out a bit slow, dear Gemini. Even though Mars is ripping through your sign all month long, your ruling planet, Mercury is retrograde until the 3rd and the Sun is hanging around in your 12th house of rest until the 20th. What does this mean? It means you are chafing at the bit to get things rolling but circumstances beyond your control may bring things down to a crawl. You’re not known for patience but you’ll need to muster up as much as you can. When Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, things will start to move but it will take a few more weeks before you’re at optimum speed. The best plan of action: take a deep breath and chill the heck out. You will still get plenty of things done but it doesn’t need to be at your usual warp speed. One thing that’s going to be hopping: your social life. Friends are wanting you to come out and play. Now that summer is almost here, why not? Hanging with your besties is a great way to relax or blow off steam. On the 10th, a Full Moon in your work sector might bring a significant change at the job front. This could be a pivotal moment so do pay attention. Whether this change is good or bad isn’t clear but one thing is for sure: it will move you in an entirely different direction. Mercury heads into your 12th house on the 16th and this could bring some important news – news that you’ll need to keep under wraps. If you are privy to some information, you’ll want to keep that to yourself. The 20th is the beginning of Gemini season when the Sun enters your sign. Finally, you’ve got your energy back at full force and lots of sparkle too! You’re ready to shine like a supernova and dazzle ‘em with your brilliance. No doubt you’ll be getting lots of attention over the next few weeks. Work it! More good news: the New Moon lands on your sign on the 25th. This is a great day for reinventing yourself. Whether you’re getting some new threads or unveiling a rebrand for your business, take advantage of this goodness and put your best foot forward (in good shoes, of course).


cancer astrology

Cancer:  As the days become longer, you’re raring to get out and socialize, dear Cancer. With the Sun in your social sector, the urge to mingle is strong. But you’ve got one little problem: Mars is hanging out in your 12th house of rest, which means you must conserve your energy with care or you may just burn yourself out. This transit favors behind-the-scenes actions and loads of down time. So what’s the solution? Quiet activities with friends – or social activity balanced out by plenty of solitude. You can find this happy middle ground! Mercury will turn direct on the 3rd, which means it’s time to express yourself with candor at work. If there is an issue that you think can be resolved more efficiently, speak up! Likewise, this is a strong month for standing up to any injustices that you may be seeing in the world.  Be a force for good at work and in the world with truth as your weapon. A Full Moon in your romance zone on the 10th clears the way for big time progress in love. If you’ve been struggling in your relationship or looking for someone new, the obstacles are out of the way. Your move, player. Mid-month, Mercury will head into your 11th house of social activities which may prove to be beneficial for talking things out with a friend. If you’ve been meaning to let a pal know how you feel, say it. This transit could also bring a lot of gossip amongst friends too. If you’re entrusted with confidential information, zip your lip no matter how juicy that dirt may be. The 20th finds you retreating a bit more when the Sun joins Mars in your 12th house. The weeks ahead may find you needing more time to yourself. Set boundaries with friends and take a sabbatical if you can. A New Moon on the 25th is ideal for soul searching. Take stock of where you are and what needs to go. Set an intention to let go of anything that no longer serves the direction you wish to go. As you clear away the things that don’t matter, you create space for the things that do.


leo astrology

Leo: April gave you a minute to indulge your wanderlust. May is going to demand that you get serious about your career, dear Leo. With your ruler, the Sun, hanging high in your honors and recognition zone, it’s time for you to up your game – or your presence. No more hanging in the shadows hoping for a lucky break. Create your own luck by taking bold moves at work. (You’re hotter when you’re bold, baby.) This is the time to stand as tall as possible and ask for what you want. Whether that be a raise, new job, or promotion, you must summon up your best, most courageous version of yourself and go for it. Mercury will be turning direct on the 3rd, which will make it even easier for you to express your desires so hold off until then before making your declaration of awesome. Friends prove to be prickly all month long. With Mars holding court in your 11th house, you may find yourself swinging between involvement in vigorous group activities – or group drama. Try your best not to get into a war with your pals or in the middle of someone else’s drama. You’ll also want to avoid reckless activities. Feel free to do something physical like basketball but you might want to skip the drag racing. The 10th finds a Full Moon in your domestic sector – ready to clean house? Start your home decluttering projects on this day. Throw out that old junk that has been littering up your closet. Take that stuff to the local charity or thrift store. Aim for a curated closet. Mid-month Mercury will slide into your 10th house, which is ideal for business communication as well as short trips for any sort of professional reason. The weeks that follow are great for attending work conferences – if you need to go, trust that you might be able to get some important networking done. Your social life improves dramatically when the Sun moves into your 11th house. Suddenly, you’re the center of attention and on everyone’s guest list. You’ll be getting invites to some of the coolest parties. Put on your best duds and let your summer celebrations begin! A New Moon on the 25th might bring an invitation that you won’t be able to resist. Whether it comes on that day or the days that follow, say yes – you’ll be glad you did.


virgo astrology

Virgo: The travel bug is still biting hard, dear Virgo. Which means: it’s time to set your sights on distant horizons! The Sun is in your travel zone, ideal for going far from home, preferably somewhere warm ’n fun. Just make sure you wait until your ruler, Mercury, is direct on the 3rd. Once that day arrives, pack your bags and hit the road! Mars is also zooming through your 10th house of career, which is like pouring rocket fuel on your ambitions. You’re ready to nail it all month long and this could lead to a big step up on the fame ladder. If you want acclaim, you’re bound to get it in May. Initiate new career activities, start a new project, amp up your online presence. This is time to grab the mic and be seen – no hiding in the wings, superstar! The more willing you are to put yourself out there, the more likely you’ll ascend to the top. Ain’t nothing wrong with ambition either. If you encounter a hater or two (Mars can bring ‘em out), ignore that noise. You’ve got slaying to do and no time for nay-sayers or nay-slayers. A Full Moon on the 10th in your 3rd house means it’s time to catch up on your communication. If your inbox is clogged up, clean that sucker out. Return any pertinent phone calls and get your calendar organized. Let this day be the one where you create divine order in your day-to-day stuff so that you have more time to play. This is also a good day for that “dear John” letter. If you need to let someone go, mark the 10th on your calendar and cut the cord.  On the 16th, Mercury glides into your 9th house, which means it’s time for plotting out your summer travel plans. Create a master list of where you want to go (hint: somewhere you’ve never gone before) and then begin arranging the details. Whether you’re going near or far, a good plan made now will save time later. All of the effort you’ve been putting into your career begins to pay off big-time when the Sun lights up your career zone. The spotlight is firmly fixed on you for the weeks that follow – you could be gaining some powerful recognition. A dazzling New Moon on the 25th opens up a door to your career that you might have never thought you’d be able to attain. This opportunity promises to take your career in exciting new directions. The phase ahead promises to be full of potential. Rise ’n shine!


libra astrology

Libra:  Relationships are front and center as May commences, dear Libra. You don’t mind though. After all, Libras are usually concerned with partnerships. There may have been a few communication snafus last month, thanks to pesky Mercury retrograde – but it’s going direct on the 3rd, giving you an opportunity to straighten matters out. Venus is also hanging around in your 7th house, which is ideal for bringing your best romantic game forward. Pull out all the stops in May – flowers, tickets to a special event, love notes – all of the romance. It will pay off handsomely. Also, keep in mind that the Sun is heating up your 8th house of sex until the 20th – fireworks are bound to happen in the bedroom, which could create greater intimacy. All in all, May promises to be hot! Finances will be going through an improvement as well. The Full Moon on the 10th could shed light on your money situation. This might be a good day to revamp your budget or to begin talks with your partner about joint finances. If you’re not on the same page, use this day to make that happen. The 16th makes it easier when Mercury heads into your 8th house. Money doesn’t have to be a taboo subject – this is the right time to get clear on what’s yours and ours. That can happen if you’re willing to open up and talk about it. The Sun will sashay into your travel zone on the 20th, marking a few weeks ahead where distant shores are calling. Grab your passport and GO. Mars is also sitting here all month long – you may have been itching to go somewhere and now you can. Go where the wind or your whims take you. The New Moon on the 25th will clear the way for an exciting adventure. One thing is for sure – you’re about to go places. Excellent places. Bon voyage!


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: The weather is getting warmer and so is your love life, dear Scorpio. The Sun in your 7th house of partnerships and fiery Mars in your sex zone promises passion times ten! This is a steamy, spicy transit – if you’ve been in a dry spell, you’re about to bring sexy back! Whether you’re creating some new moves with your current mate or indulging in a little extra-curricular activities with a new paramour, it’s ON. Don’t let all that lusty stuff derail the progress you’re making at work this month. Mercury will be turning direct in your work sector on the 3rd, which will help you to create order on the job and communicate like a boss. April was a bit chaotic but now you’re ready to make efficiency your BFF. You’ll also want to pay attention to your health at this time. If you’ve been slacking on your routines, this is the right time to get cracking on your fitness. Fuel your body with good food and a new exercise program – it will have you in ship shape for summer fun. A Full Moon in your sign on the 10th puts some attention squarely on you. How you step into that attention is critical – this is your opportunity to lead. If you are willing to stand in your power, the public will adore you. If you hold back, you may miss an amazing opportunity to become a leader in your industry. Mercury heads into your 7th house of relationships on the 16th. This transit is great for networking but also for talking things out with your romantic partner. Think of this as a golden chance to create clarity with your honey or to expand your network. Finances become supercharged when the Sun lands in your 8th house of joint finances and taxes. This could bring some welcome tax relief or you may see a new source of income begin to flourish. Better yet, the New Moon on the 25th may open the door for greater earning power. If you’ve been of investing your hard-earned cheddar or creating a new money-making product, the bucks start with you.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: Demands at work are bound to keep you on your toes this month, dear Sagittarius. The Sun is hanging out in your 6th house, giving you the mega-energy you need to get things done. This is the right time for getting to work on that big project or that dope new novel you’ve been thinking about. You can be prolific so do take advantage of this extra shazam and max it out! You might be feeling an urge to burn off some winter calories too – if you are thinking of starting a new exercise or diet regime, May is going to be righteous. Just wait until after the 3rd as Mercury will be direct – it’s always better to start things when it’s moving forward. Relationships need extra care this month. Mars is sitting tight in your 7th house, which means: it’s either love or war! Things can become heated quickly – both tempers and libidos. Make up sex? Maybe. Try not to let arguments escalate. Even if the making up part is intense, drama is unnecessary. The 10th brings a Full Moon in your 12th house of rest is the perfect day for a time out. A day to yourself snuggled in bed with books and a large cup of coffee will do you good. Put up the do-not-disturb sign and turn off your gadgets. You’ll emerge recharged and ready to slay at work! This is going to be necessary because Mercury will glide into your work zone on the 16th, and you’ll need to be at your sharpest. Contracts, negotiations, or important meetings will keep you on your toes for the next few weeks. Communication is going to be the key to getting your way. Speak up and let your genius be on display. Accolades will come but only if you’re willing to stand out.  When the Sun joins Mars in your partnership sector, the heat intensifies. Relationships could be downright explosive – whether this is good or bad remains to be seen…and is up to you. You might want to keep the focus on hanky-panky and minimize disagreements as much as possible. Lovin’ is far more preferable than fussin’ and feuding. A dazzling New Moon on the 25th signals a fresh start for a relationship. This could make the beginning of a new partnership (business or romantic) or a new phase for a current relationship (engagement or marriage?). All signs point to go for it!


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: The Sun shines a bright light on romantic possibilities this month, dear Capricorn. It’s sitting in your true love sector, which is perfect for meeting that special someone – or for amping up the romance with a current relationship. This is a strong time for getting it on or getting it right. Let love blossom this spring – efforts now should pay off beautifully! This is also a strong month for spring cleaning, especially after Mercury goes direct on the 3rd. Beautify your surroundings, declutter your closets, and feather your nest with things you adore. Create a welcoming environment now and you’ll be ready for the upcoming summer festivities. Work has more demands than usual but Mars has your back! It’s roaring through your 6th house of work and health – giving you stamina times ten and the ability to kick some major ass at the office. Don’t fear the workload ahead – you’ve got this, yo.  On the 10th, a Full Moon in your social sector might change a friendship in a significant way. This day could be revealing so pay attention. The 16th brings chatty Mercury into your 5th house, which is good for communicating with that special someone. Long phone calls or late night texts could bring you closer together. Speak from your heart – let them know how you feel. If you’re feeling brave, this could also be the right time to finally ask out that honey you’ve been admiring for some time. All in all, Mercury helps you to get your flirt game on point – make your move, player. When the Sun heads into your work zone on the 20th, you’re about to get some real traction at the job. The weeks ahead could find you taking control and getting the corner office. If you run your own business, this is a stellar few weeks for promoting your work. The Sun in the 6th favors those who are willing to step into the spotlight and shine. There’s another sweet spot coming up for you at work: a New Moon on the 25th may open up a huge door for your career. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime, one that may seem auspicious. Don’t hesitate – celebrate!



Aquarius: Ready to move to domestic god/dess status, dear Aquarius? You can do that in May! The Sun is swinging by your 4th house of home matters all the way until the 20th, perfect for getting started on those home improvement projects. Get your to-do list lined up and gather your supplies – and get shizz done! Don’t want to do the work yourself? Hire the contractors and begin drawing up plans. Whether you’re doing the work yourself or hiring a handyman, you’ll want to wait until the 3rd to begin the actual work because Mercury will be direct. You’re far less likely to encounter problems if you put it off until then. Mars in your 5th house fuels your creative fire – and your libido. If you’ve been going through a dry spell, the heat could be turned up to scorching in May. Create your next masterpiece or indulge in some carnal pleasures. It’s all good. All eyes are on you on the 10th when a Full Moon in your career sector brings some major kudos for a job well done. This is your time when the work you’ve been slaving away on finally gets the recognition it deserves. Don’t be shy – you’ve earned these bragging rights! When Mercury heads into your 4th house on the 16th, it’s time to patch things up with the family – or invite them over for a gathering at your newly spruced-up crib. Put a shrimp on the barbie and talk things out, mate. The Sun joins fiery Mars on the 20th, which is like adding some kerosene on the fire that’s been burning in your heart. What does that mean? More lovin’ or more admirers. As Nelly might say: it’s getting hot in herre! The 25th delivers more good news on the love front: a big ole New Moon may bring an enchanting newcomer to your romantic sphere. Game ON. (Psst…this day is also fab for conception. Want to expand your family? Start now.)


pisces astrology

Pisces: Time to act on your big ideas, dear Pisces. With the Sun in your mind sector, May could yield some impressive insights – if you put some elbow grease into these, there’s no telling how far you might go. Pay attention to any flashes of inspiration and, most importantly: do something with them.That might be easier when Mercury turns direct on the 3rd. It’s been slowing you down for a few weeks and it’s also put a serious crimp in your budget. Once it’s direct, things should begin to straighten out but you’ll want to remain a bit conservative with your spending nonetheless. This is a splendid month for travel though. A Full Moon on the 10th in your travel sector opens up the door for an irresistible opportunity. This could be a budget-friendly deal that makes it hard to say no. Organize your resources and you can make it happen. Mid-month, Mercury will ease on down the road into your 3rd house, ideal for short journeys and self-expression. Travel writing? At the very least, you might be sending some postcards to your loved ones from the road. The 20th puts the focus squarely on home matters when the Sun jumps into your domestic sector and joins Mars. This combo is ideal for any real estate matters. If you’re looking to buy or sell, now’s the time. It’s also great for tackling family issues. Handle problems with your loved ones directly. Don’t let things stew. A bright New Moon on the 25th could bring a golden real estate opportunity. Move quickly – the market may be hot and others might be lining up to put down a bid. If you’re the seller, someone may put in an offer that leads to an easy yes. Whether you’re looking to move on or move in, this day could be promising.


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