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Creating Online Classes with Andrew McGregor


Online classes are all the rage. Why?

They are convenient for both teacher and student. Plus, they allow people from all over the world to attend, which makes them potentially more profitable than an in-person workshop.

But for mystical entrepreneurs who are new to the online class world, they can seem a bit intimidating.

The technology!

The marketing!

Managing the whole shindig!

Take a deep breath and relax. Talking Shop with Theresa and Bri has your back! We know how daunting online classes can seem but we’re here to take the mystery out of it and show you how easy, convenient, and practical they can be. We both use online platforms but we’ve brought in a special guest who seems to work them better than anyone we know: Andrew McGregor.

Who is Andrew?

Talkin' Tarot with Andrew McGregor of The Hermit's Lamp

Andrew McGregor is the proprietor of The Hermit’s Lamp in Toronto and the author of Simply Tarot and A Tarot of You: Finding your self in the cards. Andrew has run many online classes including the popular Mediumship & Casting Course with Carrie Paris.



In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

The best and easiest online platforms

How to handle the tech part – and what to do when it doesn’t work

What you need to know about keeping the class flowing

Marketing your online class

And more!

Listen in + learn:

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Who are we?

thetarotlady_theresareed2014Theresa Reed (alias: The Tarot Lady) is an intuitive Tarot reader, astrologist, teacher, mentor & yogi with over twenty years of professional experience, industry street cred for miles, and thousands of clients in her digital rolodex. She’s devoted to helping people make better decisions & lead happier lives — using Tarot as an instigational tool for confident, bold & emotionally-intelligent action — in life, in love & in business. She is on a mission to help spiritual + metaphysical business owners get their sh*t together, build strong + profitable empires, and experience the freedom they want + deserve. Because running your own business is HOT — and even mystics gots to pay the bills.

Briheadshot-150x150Hi! I’m Bri Saussy and the sacred arts are my vocation, I read tarot cards, zodiac wheels, & whatever else comes my way while dishing it with Spirit and listening to the Faeries. I write about magic, ritual, & mythic arts. I teach courses on folk magic+walking closer to the Divine. I light devotional candles & create custom rituals for the most amazing people-my clients-its the best work ever. I am also a cheerleader for others working in the “woo woo” sacred arts field. I believe that intuitive tools and techniques are vital and needed more now and than ever. I’m passionate about helping woo’preneurs find ways to make bank & a better world. Let’s hear it for sustainable spirituality and let’s make magic!