The Hit List

The Hit List – Road Rash

by Theresa Reed on July 22, 2017

Tweet I’m finally home after a long time away. Ten days. Two cities. For a homebody like me, this has been rough. I swear I’ve got road rash. Yet I’m hitting the road again in two weeks to teach at Omega with tarot greats Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, Sasha Graham and Barbara Moore. Because […]

The Hit List – Brushes and Cards

by Theresa Reed on July 15, 2017

Tweet Last Sunday marked the maiden voyage of Brushes and Cards, a collaboration with intuitive painter, Chris Zydel. This day-long event combined painting, tarot, and intuition – with a side of gourmet food. Chris is a dear friend of mine and we were hyped to spend a whole day together. We like to say that […]

The Hit List – Friend Zones

by Theresa Reed on July 8, 2017

Tweet Online friendships are curious things. They can be quite good. Some of my best friends in the world started out as internet buddies. But they can be strange and sometimes a tad dangerous. You never know who you’re talking to behind that screen. It might be that cool gray-haired tarot lady…or it might be […]

The Hit List – Wondering woman

by Theresa Reed on July 1, 2017

Tweet I wonder what the what our political landscape might look like today if JFK, MLK an RFK were not assassinated. These three men were so influential – what might things be like now if they had the opportunity to live full lives? What impact might they have had? I wonder what if everyone has […]

The Hit List – Road Warriors

by Theresa Reed on June 24, 2017

Tweet My husband and I love to take road trips. In fact, we consider ourselves road warriors. Back in the day, we took enough long ass tours to figure out what our roles were (he drives, I navigate), and whether or not we’d drive each other nuts (pun intended). We discovered that we can ramble […]

The Hit List – The Endora years

by Theresa Reed on June 17, 2017

Tweet via GIPHY When I was a young mother, I thought I’d be the coolest mother-in-law ever. I pictured family dinners spent laughing around the table. We’d all be buddies, hanging out and maybe, if I was lucky, I’d have grandkids to spoil rotten. But that fantasy was a fantasy. Once my kids began dating […]

The Hit List – An army of just me

by Theresa Reed on June 10, 2017

Tweet I’m a busy, busy woman. It’s an army of just me over here at The Tarot Lady hub. Sure, I have a few hired guns to handle things like tech and art, but all the other stuff? On me. These days, I’m booked to the gills with work and writing. I’ve started working on […]

The Hit List – Fairy Blood

by Theresa Reed on June 3, 2017

Tweet I’ve got a vampire problem. In fact, somedays I feel just like Sookie Stackhouse. Not sure who that is? She’s a character from HBO’s True Blood, a show about vampires living in the South. Sookie was the love interest of the two main vampires – and she had “fairy blood” in her veins which […]

The Hit List – The age of no reasons

by Theresa Reed on May 27, 2017

Tweet I remember puberty all too well. Not just those hormonal shifts and awkward bodily changes but also that feeling of alienation. Too old for kid stuff like dolls and bubblegum, yet too young for those sneaky adult conversations whispered over beer in the kitchen. I wasn’t able to understand the high school girls and […]

The Hit List – On the internet nobody knows

by Theresa Reed on May 20, 2017

Tweet The internet is a strange place. While I find it to be a useful space for gathering information and making connections, sometimes I feel it’s like the wild, wild west. There are outlaws out there. People who feel they can take what they want or say whatever they want without repercussions or any thought […]

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