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Every single day, I get a reminder that I’m getting older. It might be the creak in my joints when I roll out of bed or the new crinkles under my eyes that I seem to discover day by day. I can’t run from it. The clock is ticking and I know that I’ve got […]

The Hit List – You can always help

by Theresa Reed on September 2, 2017

The last few weeks have been filled with terrible news: the senseless murder in Charlottesville, devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, floods in Bangladesh, and so on and so on. Some days, it seems like there is no good news to be found. It’s enough to make you want to bury your head in the […]

Do you ever wonder if you’re on your life path? Do you look around at what everyone else is doing and say to yourself “I’m not doing anything special here…” Other people are doing so many great, profound things while your life is kinda “meh.” On occasion, I encounter clients who feel this way. They […]

The Hit List – It begins at home

by Theresa Reed on August 19, 2017

Recently, I was having a conversation with a client about children who bully. Her daughter was experiencing this at school and although the school was taking measures to stop it, she was angry that it seemed to be ongoing. Who wouldn’t be mad? No parent wants to see their child mistreated. She wondered why this […]

The Hit List – Hardly home

by Theresa Reed on August 12, 2017

It seems these days I am hardly home. I’ve been on the road a lot…teaching around the country and promoting The Tarot Coloring Book. Last week, I was lucky enough to be teaching a class on intuitive tarot reading for the Masters of Tarot Conference at The Omega Institute. The picture above is one of […]

The Hit List – Sancti-phone-ius

by Theresa Reed on August 5, 2017

Do you get annoyed when you see people on their cell phones? Wonder why they can’t just unplug and be in the moment? Think everyone needs to stop scrolling and start living? If so, you might be sancti-phone-ius: one of those who people who assume people who are plugged in are somehow less present or […]

The Hit List – Decisions decisions

by Theresa Reed on July 29, 2017

Oh, I know I needed to do it for a long time. Yet I sat on that decision for two years. My friends and husband listened to my constant groaning. They knew what I should do. I suspect they were getting sick of listening to my gripe fest and began to tune me out. “Here […]

The Hit List – Road Rash

by Theresa Reed on July 22, 2017

I’m finally home after a long time away. Ten days. Two cities. For a homebody like me, this has been rough. I swear I’ve got road rash. Yet I’m hitting the road again in two weeks to teach at Omega with tarot greats Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, Sasha Graham and Barbara Moore. Because I’m […]

The Hit List – Brushes and Cards

by Theresa Reed on July 15, 2017

Last Sunday marked the maiden voyage of Brushes and Cards, a collaboration with intuitive painter, Chris Zydel. This day-long event combined painting, tarot, and intuition – with a side of gourmet food. Chris is a dear friend of mine and we were hyped to spend a whole day together. We like to say that this […]

The Hit List – Friend Zones

by Theresa Reed on July 8, 2017

Online friendships are curious things. They can be quite good. Some of my best friends in the world started out as internet buddies. But they can be strange and sometimes a tad dangerous. You never know who you’re talking to behind that screen. It might be that cool gray-haired tarot lady…or it might be some […]

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