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The Hit List – Snacks, books and friends

by Theresa Reed on March 18, 2017

Tweet Last month, I kicked off the next leg of  The Tarot Coloring Book with a venture into Albuquerque. It was awesome. I think I fell in love with that city. Needless to say, it’s a place I would definitely hit up again. Last week, I took the tour back to my neck o’ the […]

The Hit List – Ode to Patti Smith

by Theresa Reed on March 11, 2017

Tweet I remember that day like it was yesterday. Sitting on the hard red bench in the kitchen reading the newspaper while mom fussed over dinner. Back then, there was a section in the paper called the “Green Sheet” which had cultural things, cartoons, and Dear Abby. That sort of thing. It was my favorite […]

The Hit List – The beautiful ones

by Theresa Reed on March 4, 2017

Tweet We were headed down to Racine, to pick up a friend from a conference on a quiet but cold Sunday afternoon. The wind was brisk and the skies a gorgeous shade of powder blue spotted with soft ribbons of clouds. As usual, we were deeply engaged in our typical animated jabber about life, food, […]

The Hit List – New (Mexico) Perspectives

by Theresa Reed on February 25, 2017

Tweet I’m the first to admit that I’m a stubborn woman. Once my mind is made up, it’s a done deal. Which means: if you want to get me to change my mind, get ready to tussle. You’re going to be have to might convincing. For example, my travel rules are set. Nowhere hot. Nowhere […]

The Hit List – Baked

by Theresa Reed on February 18, 2017

Tweet When things get stressful, I retreat to my kitchen.  It’s my ashram, the one place where I am totally at peace. Yes, even more so than my yoga mat. The chopping, stirring, sizzling, searing, whirring, and bubbling instantly chills me the hell out. In an instant, all is well again, no matter what. Last […]

Tweet I’ve written before that I don’t want to live in a bubble, even when times are tough.  But if, like me, you identify as being highly sensitive or an empath, this political climate hasn’t been easy to live in. It’s been overwhelming. People are anxious, depressed, angry. Every day, the news brings nothing but […]

The Hit List – Breaking the rules

by Theresa Reed on February 4, 2017

Tweet I have a short list of travel rules: Nowhere hot. Nowhere rural. No travel from mid-November through March. Destinations must have wi-fi. I know myself and I know how I operate. Heat makes me bitchy, rural areas freak me out, and traveling during the winter months sends me into hyperventilation. Yet this year I’m […]

The Hit List – New Moon Wishes

by Theresa Reed on January 28, 2017

Tweet Last night, we had a New Moon. I sat down to write down my wishes as I do for every New Moon. It’s a practice I picked up some time ago after reading Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology.  Aligning my good intentions with the New Moon seems to work like a charm. At least […]

The Hit List – The bubble

by Theresa Reed on January 21, 2017

Tweet Do not go into the bubble, my friends Though tempting it may be You mustn’t close your eyes You must remain alert and see I know you want to be Surrounded by love and light and equal rights But that can’t happen Without a fight You cannot hide in your bubble When sisters and […]

The Hit List – The don’t do list

by Theresa Reed on January 14, 2017

Tweet Oh the to-do list!  How I love you so much!  My desk is plastered with sticky-notes, each one filled to the brim with things that need to be done. And let’s not forget the calendar, open-faced on my desk, scrawled with more lists and various plans that must happen, this week or soon after.  […]

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