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Soul Proprietor – Spring clean your business!

by Theresa Reed on March 20, 2017

Tweet Happy Spring Equinox! Maybe it’s just me but I am feeling that spring time vibe – time to clean! I’d consider myself pretty clean overall but I’m cluttery. Messy as can be. Stacks of books are everywhere. I have regular routines to stay on top of this stuff but even with that, things can […]

Soul Proprietor – Taking Responsibility

by Theresa Reed on March 13, 2017

Tweet In our local hood, there were two stores. One, a chain that wasn’t very good but it was affordable and had a fairly large selection of goods. The other one was a poorly-run small family-owned operation that was over-priced with a limited selection but had a decent deli and butcher shop. One day, the […]

Tweet Years ago, a peer lifted the web copy directly from my tarot business consulting page. She shifted a few words around but there was no hiding it. It was my web copy, almost line for line, complete with my slang. When I confronted her, she said it was “standard business practice” to “model your […]

Soul Proprietor – The exception

by Theresa Reed on January 16, 2017

Tweet Ever have a conversation like this: You: “I’m sorry but I don’t [insert your policy here].” Client: “Why not? Why can’t you make an exception for me?” If you never have, I can tell you that it is one of the most uncomfortable conversations any soulful proprietor will ever experience. You want to have […]

Soul Proprietor – The final word on social media

by Theresa Reed on January 9, 2017

Tweet   “Do I really need social media to succeed?” “What if I don’t like it?” “I don’t think I like it.” “It’s so confusing – I’m not even sure which one to use.” “I don’t have time for it.” My fellow mystical entrepreneurs ask me about social media all the time. Most of them […]

Soul Proprietor – Business Resolutions

by Theresa Reed on January 2, 2017

Tweet   At the beginning of each year, many people make New Year’s resolutions. It’s usually something to do around health such as committing to a new fitness regime.  Yep, I’m one of those people too. In fact, I have a goal that involves finally conquering those ten pounds that I’ve been meaning to get […]

Soul Proprietor – How to deal with an inbox vampire

by Theresa Reed on December 19, 2016

Tweet It starts out innocently enough. Maybe a question about your work or some other such thing. You gladly oblige because you’re nice like that. But then…you’re inundated with a stream of emails from the same person. They have more questions and need your advice again.  In fact, they seem to need your input often. […]

Soul Proprietor – Don’t grovel

by Theresa Reed on December 12, 2016

Tweet Ever have this happen: you approach someone you admire.  You may not have any agenda except to say hi.  But when you reach out, they’re rude…or they ignore you completely. Crickets. Ouch. I’ve had that happen. I’ll never forget the time I met someone who was “internet famous.”  This was someone I looked up […]

Soul Proprietor – Listen up…or not

by Theresa Reed on December 5, 2016

Tweet Sometimes  your clients or coaches may have suggestions for your business.  You might want to listen to those suggestions…or not. For example, I’ve had clients ask me for 45 minute sessions for a while now. They felt that they needed more than the standard 30 minutes but not quite a full hour (cause I’m […]

Soul Proprietor – Keeping your clients

by Theresa Reed on November 28, 2016

Tweet I love getting a massage.  It’s my favorite form of self care. A few years back, I was getting massages from a guy that I really liked. He was super strong, efficient, and I always felt great after seeing him. But the drive was further than I liked so I stopped going.  I began […]

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