Tweet Retrograde. It might as well be labeled as astrology’s F word. Mention it and you’ll hear the groans kick in. Even those who are not astrology-fluent seem to know about the transit fuckery that is Mercury retrograde. It’s that time of the year when Murphy’s Law seems to be in full swing. What can […]

Tweet Last month, we covered Elements: Strength and Weakness. This month, we’re doing the same but this time we’re looking at Qualities (or Mode) and seeing where we’re dominant…or not. via GIPHY As a reminder, there are three qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. (You can head back to Star School Lesson 2 for a quick […]

Tweet   Astrologers like to look at patterns. We’ve already explored chart patterns and hemispheres – today, we’re looking at elemental strength or weakness. What does that mean, you ask? It’s simply examining how many Fire, Air, Earth or Water signs are dominant…or not…in an astrology chart. If there is a predominant element, that will […]

Star School Lesson 14: Planetary Dignities and Debilities

by Theresa Reed on February 22, 2017

Tweet Today we’re talking about Rulerships, Dignities and Debilities – another layer that will deepen your understanding of the planets ‘n signs.  This is also known as “essential dignity.” What is it? The dignities refer to the strength or weakness of a planet’s position by sign. Come again? In layman’s terms: some planets are happy […]

Star School Lesson 13: The Hemispheres

by Theresa Reed on January 25, 2017

Tweet In a previous lesson, we looked at the astrological houses. To recap: an astrology chart is divided into twelve sections, kinda like a pie (True story: when I was a kid, I used to buy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and cut them up like little pies, and eat ‘em one slice at a time. […]

Star School Lesson 12: Aspect patterns

by Theresa Reed on December 28, 2016

Tweet In today’s lesson, we’re going to cover a few of the major Aspect Patterns.  There are more to get to later but this brief intro will get your astro-appetite whetted. The ones I’m focusing on are important and fairly easy to spot in a chart.  Yes, there is a little math involved (quelle horreur!) […]

Star School Lesson 11: Chart patterns

by Theresa Reed on November 30, 2016

Tweet As you begin to study astrology charts, you may notice that some – not all – have clearly defined patterns. You have to use your imagination here a bit to see ‘em but once you learn how, you’ll spot them quickly. Kinda like constellations!  Each one of these chart patterns adds another layer to […]

Star School Lesson 10: The Ascendant or Rising Sign

by Theresa Reed on October 19, 2016

Tweet Today we’re talking about your Ascendant or Rising Sign. In technical terms, the Ascendant is the time the Sun was rising in the sky at the time you were born.  In astrology terms, this symbolizes the face you present to the world. “But Theresa,” you might ask, “what does that mean about my Sun sign? […]

Tweet Dates to watch out for. Retrogrades galore. A challenging Jupiter Pluto aspect. Horoscopes and tarot cards (oh my!). 2017 is coming and I’ve got your astro-back with my Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for the year ahead. Confession: I’m a bit of a control freak.  I like to know what’s coming so that I can […]

Star School Lesson 9: Mars in the natal chart

by Theresa Reed on September 21, 2016

Tweet Last month, we talked about Venus – now it’s time to get our Mars on. While Venus symbolizes our soft, feminine ‘n romantic side, Mars is the masculine principle: aggression, ambition, determination, and energy all fall under Mars. Sexual drive too.  It’s the initiator, what makes us go after our goals with gusto…or not. […]

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