Star School – An Intro to Astrology for Total Beginners.

star school an intro to astrology for total beginnersWelcome to Star School – An Intro to Astrology for Total Beginners.

What is Star School, you ask?

Star School is a free educational blog series for curious star seekers who feel intimidated by astrology.

Each Star School lesson is super straightforward, with explanations written in plain English. No esoteric cosmic gobbledegook or bewildering diagrams that twist your brain into a knot. I promise: I’ll make astrology feel as simple as possible… and I won’t make you feel like the classroom dunce!

So if you’re curious about astrology… if you want to learn how to read star charts for guidance, for life and business planning, or just for fun… if you want to learn more about star signs, retrogrades, ascendants, arcs, and all that cool stuff so that you can impress your friends with your astro-smarts… you are gonna love Star School.

Pull up a chair. Sharpen your pencils. Gaze up at the heavens. School is officially in session!

Keep gazing at the stars and stay curious,


PS there is nothing to sign up for.  This series will not be sent directly to you.  Just keep an eye on the blog – or here.  All the lessons past and future will be posted here.

Lesson 1: Meet your teacher…and the symbols.  A little on my astrology background + philosophy, what you need for this series, plus the symbols!

Lesson 2: Characteristics of the Zodiac Signs. Breaking down some of the traits of each Zodiac sign, patterns to watch out for, a cool little color coded chart, plus why I think a Virgo created the whole astrology thing.

Lesson 3: The Planets. Let’s get acquainted with the planets, shall we? A brief primer on what the planets represent.

Lesson 4: The Astrological Houses.  We’re pulling back the curtains and peeping into the Astrological Houses!

Lesson 5: The Aspects. Time to get your geometry on as we dive into the main aspects. Aspects are the angles between planets – and they can influence ’em for good or ill.

Lesson 6: The Moon. The Moon can give clues to your emotional nature, parenting skills – and what a man needs.

Lesson 7: Mercury in the natal chart.  How we think, learn and communicate.

Lesson 8:  Venus in the natal chart. Venus rules romance, art + commerce. It gives clues to our romantic style.

Lesson 9: Mars in the natal chart. Mars rules ambition, aggression, and sexuality. I’ve added some Game of Thrones archetypes for fun!

Lesson 10: The Ascendant or Rising Sign. What’s your public image? This is how the world sees you.

Lesson 11: Chart patterns.  The chart patterns hold clues.

Lesson 12: Aspect patterns. T-Squares, Grand Crosses, Grand Trines, and Fingers of Yods – oh my!

Lesson 13: The Hemispheres. Is your chart bottom-heavy, top-heavy, to the left or to the right?

Lesson 14: Dignities and debilities. Is your planet exalted or not? Find out which signs the planets love…and loathe.

Lesson 15: Element – Strength and Weakness. Which element is dominant or weak in your chart?

Lesson 16: Qualities – Strength and Weakness. Which quality is large and in charge – or not?