The Hit List

The Hit List – The Endora years

by Theresa Reed on June 17, 2017

Tweet via GIPHY When I was a young mother, I thought I’d be the coolest mother-in-law ever. I pictured family dinners spent laughing around the table. We’d all be buddies, hanging out and maybe, if I was lucky, I’d have grandkids to spoil rotten. But that fantasy was a fantasy. Once my kids began dating […]

The Hit List – An army of just me

by Theresa Reed on June 10, 2017

Tweet I’m a busy, busy woman. It’s an army of just me over here at The Tarot Lady hub. Sure, I have a few hired guns to handle things like tech and art, but all the other stuff? On me. These days, I’m booked to the gills with work and writing. I’ve started working on […]

The Hit List – Fairy Blood

by Theresa Reed on June 3, 2017

Tweet I’ve got a vampire problem. In fact, somedays I feel just like Sookie Stackhouse. Not sure who that is? She’s a character from HBO’s True Blood, a show about vampires living in the South. Sookie was the love interest of the two main vampires – and she had “fairy blood” in her veins which […]

The Hit List – The age of no reasons

by Theresa Reed on May 27, 2017

Tweet I remember puberty all too well. Not just those hormonal shifts and awkward bodily changes but also that feeling of alienation. Too old for kid stuff like dolls and bubblegum, yet too young for those sneaky adult conversations whispered over beer in the kitchen. I wasn’t able to understand the high school girls and […]

The Hit List – On the internet nobody knows

by Theresa Reed on May 20, 2017

Tweet The internet is a strange place. While I find it to be a useful space for gathering information and making connections, sometimes I feel it’s like the wild, wild west. There are outlaws out there. People who feel they can take what they want or say whatever they want without repercussions or any thought […]

Tweet Like many people, I consider myself a spiritual seeker. In my quest for self improvement/enlightenment/understanding life, my path has taken me in many different directions. And I’ve utilized plenty of spiritual tools along the way. Tools such as tarot, astrology, coaches, yoga, meditation, breathing, prayer, self help books, magick, etc. In fact, I’ve probably […]

The Hit List – Readers Studio 2017 or bust!

by Theresa Reed on May 6, 2017

Tweet Last week I was in New York for the annual Readers Studio, a tarot shindig put on by The Tarot School’s founders, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone. I was not only attending the event but also hanging out in the city – and doing some lectures and classes too! The picture above is from […]

The Hit List – If I can make it here

by Theresa Reed on April 29, 2017

Tweet Hey all! I’m in New York for the annual Readers Studio tarot conference. I have been attending in years and wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s an excuse to hang with my tarot posse but also to visit my favorite playground in the world. Here’s a few pics from my adventures! I love […]

The Hit List – What kind of person

by Theresa Reed on April 22, 2017

Tweet What kind of person would I like to be? I often ask myself this question. I think it’s a good question to ponder. When I ask this, I find that many adjectives come to mind. Compassionate. Kind. Loving. Honest. I want to be a good person. Being a good person is not an easy […]

The Hit List – Even tarot readers get the blues

by Theresa Reed on April 15, 2017

Tweet Most days, I’m a happy-go-lucky gal. It’s my natural state of being. Joy shoulda been my middle name! But the last few weeks, I’ve been in a funk. Instead of my usual joie ve vivre, my mood has been leaning into a dark place. I found myself listening to nothing but sad songs because […]

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